A-Z Of Banned Instagram Hashtags In 2022

Knowing the A-Z of banned Instagram hashtags in 2022 would help you stay on top of your marketing strategy on IG. Having zero likes and comments on your post despite having many followers sucks.

It is worse if you run a paid ad that gets little to no engagement because a banned hashtag is part of the post.

Banned Instagram hashtags are those linked to a reported or flagged post on the platform. As Instagram shuts down the post, it also bans all hashtags used on it. By extension, Instagram shadow-bans all posts in the past, present, and future containing the banned hashtag.

In this article, you will learn about the A-Z of some banned hashtags and how to avoid them.

Why Are Some Instagram Hashtags Banned?

Hashtags get banned on Instagram when Instagram followers report a post. A post may contain hate speech, promote immorality, incite anarchy, etc. This might be intentional on the part of the account owner, or their post might have been misconstrued by many Instagram followers. 

Whichever the case, many people would report the post as inappropriate. When this happens, the platform immediately bans the post and all the hashtags used on it.

Using a banned hashtag on your post unintentionally means putting your post among the list of banned posts – This gets it shadow-banned. This might be the reason for the low engagement on your post. 

When your post gets banned this way, anyone who searches using a banned hashtag will find it on the list. Followers who visit your profile would also be able to see it.

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Note that there is more punishment for using a banned hashtag than just getting shadow-banned. You can have your account deactivated by Instagram. In this case, you might need to open a new account and start growing it all over again.

A-Z Of Banned Instagram Hashtags

Here is the A-Z of banned Instagram hashtags in 2022 to avoid.

Banned Hashtags – A:

  • #abdl
  • #addmysc
  • #adulting
  • #alone
  • #always
  • #armparty
  • #asiangirl
  • #ass
  • #assday
  • #assworship

Banned Hashtags – B:

  • #beautyblogger
  • #besties
  • #bikinibody
  • #boho
  • #brain

Banned Hashtags – C:

  • #cpr
  • #customers
  • #curvy
  • #costumes
  • #curvygirls

Banned Hashtags – D:

  • #date
  • #dating
  • #desk
  • #direct
  • #dm

Banned Hashtags – E:

  • #easter
  • #edm
  • #eggplant
  • #eggplantparm
  • #elevator

Banned Hashtags – F:

  • #fishnets
  • #fitnessgirls
  • #followforfollow

Banned Hashtags – G:

  • #grafittiIgers
  • #girlsonly
  • #gloves

Banned Hashtags – H:

  • #happythanksgiving
  • #hardworkpaysoff
  • #hawks
  • #hotweather
  • #humpday
  • #hustler

Banned Hashtags – I:

  • #ice
  • #ig
  • #ilovemyinstagram
  • #instababy
  • #instasport
  • #iphonegraphy
  • #italiano

Banned Hashtags – K:

  • #kansas
  • #kickoff
  • #killingit
  • #kissing

Banned Hashtags – L:

  • #leaves
  • #like
  • #lean
  • #loseweight
  • #lulu

Banned Hashtags – M:

  • #master
  • #mileycyrus
  • #milf
  • #mirrorphoto
  • #models
  • #mustfollow

Banned Hashtags – N:

  • #nasty
  • #newyears
  • #newyearsday
  • #nude
  • #nudism
  • #nudity

Banned Hashtags – O:

  • #orderweedonline
  • #overnight

Banned Hashtags – P:

  • #parties
  • #petite
  • #pornfood
  • #prettygirl
  • #puppydognondays#
  • pushups

Banned Hashtags – R:

  • #rate
  • #ravens

Banned Hashtags – S:

  • #saltwater
  • #samelove
  • #selfharm
  • #sexy
  • #single
  • #singlelife
  • #skateboarding
  • #skype
  • #snap
  • #snapchat
  • #snowstorm
  • #sopretty
  • #stranger
  • #streetphoto
  • #sunbathing
  • #swole
  • #shower
  • #shit
  • #swole

Banned Hashtags – T:

  • #tag4like
  • #tagsforlikes
  • #tanlines
  • #todayimwearing
  • #teen
  • #teens
  • #thought
  • #tighs
  • #todayimwearing

Banned Hashtags – U:

  • #undies

Banned Hashtags – V:

  • #valentinesday

Banned Hashtags – W:

  • #workflow
  • #WTF
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Banned Hashtags – X:

  • #xanax
  • #xxx
  • #xenociteclad

Banned Hashtags – Y:

  • #yochale
  • #youngmodel
  • #your_sinful_memory

How To Ensure You Don’t Use Banned Instagram Hashtags

Getting visibility and engagement on posts is the goal of many Instagram account owners. You do not want to accidentally use a banned hashtag on your post, which can reduce the visibility of your post or, worse – get your account deactivated. So, here is how to ensure you don’t use banned Instagram hashtags.

Search For Banned Hashtags

You can do this manually or with available tools online. You might wonder if you need to do this every time you make a post – the answer is yes. This is because millions of people post on Instagram daily, and some of those posts get reported and banned.

This means there are banned hashtags daily on the platform. Also, banned Instagram hashtags are of two types. The temporarily banned hashtags and the permanently banned hashtags.

Those banned temporarily would be made available for use after the period of the ban. On the other hand, the permanently banned hashtags would never be made available.

So, manually searching through the internet or running your hashtags through hashtag checkers is advisable before posting. 

Manual Search

This is a bit tedious, but it works well. Here you need to visit the Instagram search section on the platform and type in your hashtag. Observe the response you see from it when you click on search.

If the hash is clean, you will see some information about the hashtag and the number of posts on it. If the hashtag is banned, you will see a notification explaining that posts carrying those hashtags have been hidden by Instagram.

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This is because the community complained that it doesn’t meet the platform’s guidelines. You must repeat this search for every hashtag you intend to add to your post.

Search Tools

Manual search is time-consuming, so you have the alternative of using search tools. These tools are available online, and they include:

  • IQHashtag
  • Metahashtags
  • Ritetag
  • Hashtagify

These tools update as the platform adds more hashtags to the list of banned hashtags and releases some temporarily banned hashtags for use. Another advantage is that using these tools can scan all your hashtags at once.

This way, you are guaranteed not to use a forbidden hashtag on your post. The downside is that not all of these tools are free. Developers need to make money for creating and sustaining the app, which makes this check easy for you.


However, to stay on top of the game, you might want to search every hashtag you use on our post. While free hashtag checkers are available, paying to access the pro versions would save you more time.

Whether you are an influencer, an online business, or an ordinary user on Instagram, you should avoid using banned hashtags accidentally. So, before adding hashtags to your post, double-check the above list of A-Z of banned Instagram hashtags to be sure. 

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