12 Best Instagram Follower Trackers in 2022

Some of the best Instagram follower trackers can make your social media experience far more manageable. Social media has continued to advance, and Instagram, in particular, is becoming one of the top social sites. This makes it essential to know how your followers behave, leading you to wonder which tools are just right.

Some of the best follower trackers include Spamguard App, GhostHunter, and Datajam. There are also Growthoid, Analyzer Follower for Instagram, TrustySocial, Jarvee Follower Insight, TaskAnt, Crowdfire, Follower Adder, and AI Grow. These applications and platforms can provide top-notch services to help you keep track of your followers’ details and behaviors. Their services are reliable and consistent despite minor downsides.

You may see no reason to monitor your followers until you realize they are dropping for reasons you cannot explain. Hence, it is necessary to understand follower behavior. And our list of the best Instagram follower trackers in 2022 makes it easier.

What Is An Instagram Follower Tracker?

An Instagram Follower Tracker offers several services relating to your followers, aiming at growing your account. Instagram follower trackers are helpful for several reasons. They can keep tabs on who unfollows you and why. 

Also, they can tell which accounts you follow and which don’t follow you back. Furthermore, they can provide general trends regarding your follower count and which accounts follow you.

While Instagram’s insights provide a wealth of data, they don’t tell you much about the people who already follow you. It also doesn’t give data about those who haven’t yet seen your profile. This is where Instagram trackers come in.

In addition to gaining a deeper understanding of your audience, you’ll have access to all your data in one convenient location. Hence, it saves you the trouble of having to individually gather and file the results of your research.

How Instagram Follower Trackers Work

As the name implies, Instagram follower trackers keep tabs on who is following you and vice versa. Although each service offers a somewhat different experience, they all operate on the same basic principle.

Some of the more common metrics that may be monitored using an Instagram follower tracker include:

  • Information about new followers to better understand which postings attract new people to your account.

  • In the section labeled “Mutual Followers,” you’ll find both the accounts you’re following and those following you. Mutual followers are precisely what they sound like.

  • People You’re Following: Here, you may view details about the people you’re following who aren’t currently following you back. You may experience this if you’ve attempted to attract attention by following other users but received none in return.

  • Users Who Have Unfollowed You: You may gauge the success of your material by looking at the timing and volume of unfollows.

  • Ghost followers add to your total number of followers but do not actively engage with your content. They are either fictitious or dormant accounts that won’t interact with or care about your posts.

  • You may learn more about your demographics and the kind of followers who make up your target audience. This is done through the follower analytics tools of your follower tracker.
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You need to try out these 12 best Instagram follower trackers because of all the data they can provide. They are an excellent tool for gaining insight into your audience and the effectiveness of your content. It’s almost impossible to build a successful brand without them.

Why Do I Need To Know Who Has Unfollowed Me?

It may not seem crucial to know who quit following you; you feel they’re gone, and it doesn’t matter anymore. However, to boost your Instagram audience and generate revenue, you must evaluate your content to identify what works. Knowing who’s leaving our Instagram followers list might be handy.

Losing a few admirers is typical, but a dramatic drop may be shocking. If your Instagram marketing isn’t working, knowing your unfollowers will help you examine and diagnose the problem.

Instagram followers can be lost for several reasons. If you can’t retain your relevance on the platform and increase your audience, you may lack consistency in an area. Resultantly, it will harm your conversion rate and ability to sell products and services.

Instagram may reduce followers by eliminating inactive or fake accounts, especially if you have many followers from these accounts. Also, following/unfollowing accounts often leads to losing followers.

As a closing note, know that losing a few Instagram followers is natural, so don’t worry. Avoid buying fake Instagram followers to avoid wondering why your fans quit following you. Also, you can’t please everyone, but a drop in your follower count suggests a problem, so check it out.

The 12 Best Instagram Follower Trackers

Below are the best Instagram follower trackers to make the best of your Instagram account:

1. Spamguard App

As the name implies, this exciting platform is among your best Instagram follower trackers and spam detectors. You may monitor as many Instagram profiles as you like for free with the help of the Spamguard App.

Also, you may view information about your followers, including who unfollows you and why. The app itself is free to download and use.

However, you may pay to have your business promoted to all app users as an additional form of advertising. It’s also essential to remember that you can easily tailor the app to your needs and preferences.

2. GhostHunter

If your goal is to work with the best Instagram follower trackers, you cannot miss GhostHunter. GhostHunter’s service will not only help you obtain more likes, comments, and followers on Instagram.

It can also help you eliminate spam and fake accounts to only follow real people. They can help you set up a secure environment for your account and prevent spam and phishing attempts.

These days, your Instagram presence is likely to be worth a significant amount of time and effort. Therefore, having the support of a reputable business like this is crucial. 

3. Datajam

Datajam is brilliant if you want to keep track of your Instagram followers and get useful information about your profile. This service lets you see what’s happening on your Instagram profile in real time. You’ll never miss a message because the data is updated instantly.

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This platform can handle all account processes without giving out your personal information or needing your login details. As far as these kinds of services go, they are easy to use. 

They can help you look at various Instagram activities, such as lost followers, new comments, and even comments that you deleted. Sign up for Datajam’s three-day, one-dollar trial, and get a good idea of what to expect from them.

4. Growthoid

Check out Growthoid if you’re searching for novel approaches to monitoring your fan base. They are experts in content and strategy because they are primarily a creative marketing firm.

There doesn’t appear to be anything that Growthoid can’t accomplish, from branding to website development and social media advertising. They are experts in internet marketing, so you can trust that they know how to keep tabs on your fan base.

In keeping with this goal, they have designed their appearance to make you feel in control at all times. Growthoid remains one of the best Instagram follower trackers in 2022.

5. Analyzer Follower For Insta

Also available for iOS, this follower monitoring software is packed with valuable features in various languages. They offer paid premium plans within the app; however, subscribing to such is optional. You don’t have to pay to begin enjoying their many features.

The company asserts that, in addition to the various capabilities mentioned, they’ll also provide you with 20 unique insights for your followers. It can also recommend which hashtags to use and serve as a template.

6. TrustySocial

TrustySocial is confident that they have found the key to your Instagram success. This covers the ability to monitor your audience’s actions and identify the content that generates the most significant interaction.

You’re dedicated to expanding your Instagram followers, and they recognize this. You’ll see this dedication mirrored in the excellent quality of their services.

TrustySocial provides all the standard automation capabilities found in Instagram services. Furthermore, they monitor your followers’ activity once they have followed you. A nuanced approach will help you learn more about your fans and strengthen the community that supports your company.

7. Jarvee

Jarvee is a program available for personal computer use. Though it has a simple dashboard you can easily navigate, it is pretty tricky to use. Therefore, we advise watching their online video training first.

One remarkable thing about Jarvee is that it offers services for more than just Instagram. Also, the company is highly professional with its service, offering the best quality. If you want complete control of your personal or company’s Instagram presence, Jarvee is perfect for you.

8. Followers Insight

This Instagram follower tracker is only available for Android. However, it is a good option for you and one of the best Instagram follower trackers available.

Many people have taken advantage of their free and paid services to gain further knowledge regarding their Instagram followings. These customers have reported that the outcomes have met with their complete satisfaction.

With Followers Insight, find out who is following you, who has unfollowed you, and who is blocking you instantly. It allows you to show off your popularity on this social media network.

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Additionally, it’s interesting to keep track of which users enjoy your article or remark on it the most. This could shed some information on the demographics of the people seeing your content.

9. TaskAnt

TaskAnt is one of the best Instagram follower trackers because it is simple to use. This outstanding platform delivers a plethora of data on your user base.

For this reason, TaskAnt has received a lot of positive feedback. In addition to these benefits, it also gives statistics on user engagement.

As you should know, this information is essential for maintaining a successful strategy on Instagram.

Task Ant is only getting started. Nevertheless, we predict that it will develop into a powerful Instagram follower counter in the near future. 

10. Crowdfire

Crowdfire is a social media management tool that does more than just keep tabs on your follower count. It also allows you to find and schedule material from other users.

In Crowdfire’s opinion, an Instagram marketing plan should be straightforward. They have reduced their strategy for managing social media to zero in on what is effective.

This Instagram advertising agency also provides centralized management for all your social media profiles. Crowdfire is suitable for you if you’re serious about monitoring your Instagram followers and using that information to better your game.

11. Follower Adder

In terms of Instagram advertising, Follow Adder is an old-timer for a good reason. They’ve been around for a while and have a good reputation. Hence, they’re still among the most widely used Instagram advertising platforms.

You may use Follow Adder on your Mac, PC, or Linux computer by simply downloading it. The exquisite application can help in keeping tabs on your followers. Furthermore, the dashboard may assist you in whatever way you need it to interact with others on Instagram.

There isn’t much that Follow Adder can’t accomplish. They excel at putting the consumer in charge, so they may alter any and all their Instagram preferences. Follower Adder is an excellent option if you enjoy doing the legwork yourself.

12. AI Grow

AI Grow is a smart expansion engine that prioritizes functions like targeted direct message marketing, which many people use nowadays. Additionally, they help in managing engagement groups and scheduling future articles. It is one of the best Instagram follower trackers in the industry today.

Influencers and celebrities alike have put their faith in AI Grow, so you know they must be doing something right. The free trial period of five days is the first item that will catch your attention when you visit their account.

Everyone appreciates it when businesses provide free trials so that potential customers may evaluate the quality of their products or services. It helps with better decisions before making a purchase.


This post taught you that you don’t need to be in the dark when losing followers. And you should now understand that losing followers doesn’t call for you to panic. With this list of the best Instagram follower trackers, you’ll always be in the know and in control.

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