Bridge Repair Stardew Valley 

If you’re having trouble fixing the bridge in Stardew Valley, don’t worry! This guide will walk you through the steps necessary to repair it and get across it.

For repairing a beach bridge, you will need to collect 300 pieces of wood. Then you’ll head over to the bridge and then equip the wood and fix the bridge correctly. With repairing a quarry bridge, you have two ways to choose. One is to buy a membership plan from Morris. Another way to repair it is through the Community Center by collecting 6 bundles.

With a bit of effort, you’ve successfully repaired your bridge and can now get back to business as usual on the farm.

What to Do With a Broken Bridge in Stardew Valley?

If you’re unfortunate enough to have a broken bridge on your property, don’t fret – you can repair it. The first step is to head into town and speak with Robin at the carpenter’s shop.

She’ll be able to tell you what materials you need to fix the bridge and where to find them. With your supplies in hand, head back to the farm and get to work.

How to Fix the Beach Bridge?

Here’s how you can do repairs at the beach bridge:

1. Gather Wood

The first thing you’ll need to do is gather some wood. You can find this by chopping down trees on your farm or purchasing it from Robin at the carpenter’s shop. To do this, you will require 300 blocks of wood, which seems like a back-breaking task, but realistically, it consumes even less than 500 energy points.

2. Go to the Bridge

Once you have enough wood, it’s time to head to the bridge. It is beside Elliot’s house and in the south of Pelican Town. However, if you’re unable to find a beach, go to Mayor Lewis’s house and keep going south from there. This route will take you to a stone bridge where you can walk across and, finally, to the beach.

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3. Install the Wood and Repair the Bridge

Now that you’re at the bridge, it’s time to fix it. Simply equip the wood in your inventory and press the “Action button” to repair the bridge. It will take some time, but eventually, you’ll have a brand-new beach bridge to enjoy.

Why Should You Fix the Beach Bridge?

Fixing the beach bridge will reward you access to another area containing rock pools inside it. With that said, you can see Corals and Sea Urchins in these pools. 

And what’s the best part? You have an excellent opportunity to sell Sea Corals and Sea Urchins at an improved price to Willy at the Fish shop. 

We deem this one of the great ways to earn a handsome amount, as they respawn every few days.

How to Repair Quarry Bridge in Stardew Valley?

Repairing this bridge will allow you access to the quarry, which may hold some gold or other reward for you. And there are 2 ways of repairing the quarry bridge on the Northeast side of the map in Stardew valley. However, your chosen method will depend on whether you sold the Community Center to the Joja Corporation earlier in the game.

If you sold the Community Center, you could approach Morris at the JojaMart and purchase a JojaMart membership for approx. 5,000g. Morris is available between 9:40 am and 11:00 pm at the JojaMart daily.

This will give you access to the Joja Community Development Form. With this form in hand, you can select to purchase a bridge repair for 25,000g. Morris and a crew of builders from the Joja community will execute the repairs for you that evening.

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If you choose to hold on to the Community Center, you can get the quarry bridge repaired at no cost. However, you’ll need to complete the following 6 bundles in the Crafts room first:

  1. Spring Foraging Bundle
  2. Summer Foraging Bundle
  3. Fall Foraging Bundle
  4. Winter Foraging Bundle
  5. Construction Bundle
  6. Exotic Foraging Bundle

After completing all 6 bundles, you will get a bridge repair. Again, this repair won’t cost you any additional gold. But completing all 6 bundles required will take you more than a year to achieve.


That’s how you repair a bridge in Stardew Valle, be it a beach or quarry bridge. Simply follow the tips above to get the most out of your repair. 

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