Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Gang Beasts is a video game that has been around for many years, and the question, “Is Gang Beast Cross-Platform?” has also haunted several players for eternity.

Nobody likes to play video games alone. However, if you could join your friends in playing the same game, the fun would double within minutes. This is precisely what cross-platform enables worldwide gamers.

Unfortunately, Gang Beasts are not cross-platform compatible. Therefore, if you play the game on your PlayStation, you cannot join another player playing Gang Beasts on his Xbox or PC.

This can be a significant hindrance in allowing you to play and enjoy the game with your friends, especially in an era when cross-platform compatibility is an essential factor.

What is Gang Beasts?

Gang Beasts is a multiplayer video game based upon the theme of a “beat ’em up” party game. Double Fine Productions created it, and the sole motive of the game is to use your character to fight his way through others. Their score will drop steadily once the opponent’s character faints or gets incapacitated.

Numerous items appear on the map. The items include health packs and weapons. You can grab these items and use them against your opponent. Additionally, you can choose your character from a long list.

The controls will always remain the same regardless of whichever character you choose. One set of controls will enable you to move left, right, forward, or backward. Another set of controls will let you land a punch, grab something from the map, etc.

It will not be wrong to say that Gang Beasts is one of those video games that has been around as far back as gaming goes. It was initially released in 2014 and created for PC users only. However, soon they came up with the PS4 and Xbox versions.

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Is Gang Beast Cross-Platform?

At present, Gang Beasts are not cross-platform compatible. However, according to the game makers of Gang Beasts, they will soon develop an updated version of the game that will be cross-platform compatible.

Unfortunately, there is a catch to this fact. The game makers have no plans of introducing Gang Beasts compatible across all the platforms.In other words, a player playing Gang Beasts on a PS4 will not be able to join another player playing on an Xbox or any other platform.

However, Xbox users can join PC users and vice versa. Nonetheless, players of the game are happy to hear about this update and cannot seem to wait for the next update.


When a game is cross-platform compatible, there are several benefits that a player can enjoy. He can easily play with his friends no matter the type of gaming console they use. First-timer players need not worry about which console to lay the game on if the game is cross-platform compatible.

Gang Beasts does not support cross-platform at the moment. However, the game makers plan to introduce the feature in their next game update. This is excellent news for all the gamers who love to play Gang Beasts and want to play with their friends.

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