Is Warzone Cross-Platform?

If you want to play Warzone with your friends, you might wonder: Is Warzone cross-platform? Over the past year, Warzone has grown and improved steadily, helping it become one of the most famous “battle royale” games. But does it support cross-platform?

Since its release in 2020, Warzone has supported cross-platform. The game will work on different platforms without any issues, making it possible to play with your friends.

Players who want to play Warzone cross-platform will need an Activision account. Activision’s website or the game’s online connection page allows you to create a free account if you haven’t created one yet.

What Is Warzone?

Warzone puts you against several other players in a battle royale. Warzone is one of the most popular and second prime editions of the Call of Duty series.

Most of the Battle Royale titles generally support 100 players in a single match, but Warzone supports up to 150 players. Specific limited-time modes have a maximum of 200 players.

Battle Royale mode involves players competing against each other on a map that is constantly shrinking to see who will survive. 

A large game map appears on the screen, where players encounter other players as they parachute onto it. The playable space shrinks as players die in the game, making it more challenging to move around for the remaining players. 

The yellow gas that the players come in contact with after failing to return to the safe zones of the map slowly poisons them and eventually kills them. 

Warzone features a new in-game currency system and a vehicle-centric focus. There is no restriction on parachute openings and cuts so that players can deploy their parachutes as many times.

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Is Warzone Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform compatibility is available in Warzone. Thus, Players on Windows, Xbox, and PlayStation will be able to play the Warzone game together. 

Because Warzone is cross-platform across all consoles, it does not matter which console you use. There is no difference if your friend has a PS5 and you have an Xbox One to play Warzone; you will both have the same experience. Playing with them won’t be a problem at all. 

The cross-platform nature of Warzone offers many benefits. A major advantage is that individuals will be able to engage in multiplayer play with their friends regardless of their platform. There will be no subscription costs. 

In addition to being cross-platform, Warzone also offers you the possibility of earning rewards from one platform and redeeming them from another. 

It means if you become a good player on the Xbox One and then move to the PlayStation, your progress will be able to transfer to the PlayStation.


Having launched in 2020, Warzone has become one of the world’s largest multiplayer games, taking the series to new heights.

Among the features added to Warzone by Call of Duty is cross-platform play, which may be unfamiliar to new players.

Over the past few years, cross-platform play has become increasingly popular in multiplayer games. As a result, players wonder whether cross-platform play is available for games like Warzone.

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