Planting Trees Stardew Valley

Stardew Valley not only offers you livestock and seeds to make a living. You can buy saplings from Pierre’s Shop and go ahead with planting trees in Stardew Valley. These will be a long-term investment for you. Although these saplings can cost a hefty amount, they will be worth every penny.

Planting trees in Stardew Valley involves growing various types of trees, such as apple, apricot, maple, and oak, to name a few. These trees bear fruits during different times of the year, and these fruits have several benefits for players. But, first, trees need to be planted at regular intervals with sufficient spaces. You’ll need to wait 28 days for fully grown trees.

Stardew Valley is one of those rare games that you can play for hours without getting bored. Just sit back and relax while playing the game. Most of the players prefer to invest in fruit trees. However, there are other types of trees that you can also plant within your property.

Planting Trees Stardew Valley is not just limited to enjoying a pleasant environment. A tapper taps the majority of the trees to either secrete pine tar, oar resin, or maple syrup, depending on the type of the trees.

A Tree Farm

There are several options open for you when it comes to farming in Stardew Valley. There are crops, animals, and trees. However, tree farming is the most challenging of them all. It would help if you held your horses as growing fruits on these trees takes time.

Most of you must be wondering about the fundamental difference between a fruit tree and a standard tree. You will find fruits in fruit trees, whereas the common trees are used for resin and syrup. Although you can cut down trees for wood, that is an entirely different type of farming.

Common Trees

As far as Planting Trees Stardew Valley is concerned, there are several types of common trees that you can plant within your property. Some of the most common ones are discussed below.

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Pine Tree

The pine trees belong to the conifer group and are abundantly available in the game, especially in the forests. With the help of a tapper, you can collect a single pine tar every 4 or 5 days.

Maple Tree

Another widespread variety of tree in Stardew Valley is the maple tree. Planting Trees Stardew Valley, especially maple trees, can help you earn some coins. Just use a tapper to get maple syrup every 7 or 8 days and sell it for 200 coins each. However, the majority of the players prefer to chop down maple trees since they often prove to be a hindrance while farming.

Oak Tree

No matter what environment or season, you will find oak trees pretty common in Stardew Valley. Oak trees produce oak resin regularly every 6 or 7 days with practical help from a tapper. If you have an oak tree in your mind for Planting Trees Stardew Valley, then you will require acorns for the purpose.

Fruit Trees

As discussed above, Planting Trees in Stardew Valley, especially fruit trees, can be a significant challenge since these trees take time to bear fruits. However, you have several options if you wish to plant such trees. Some of the common ones are discussed below.


Opt for Planting Trees Stardew Valley, especially apple trees, and be prepared to witness fruits during the fall season. Unlike other fruits, you can gather apples from your trees every day. You may sell your apples for 200 coins each or use them for cranberry candy. Pierre’s general store should be your destination if you buy apple saplings. You can buy them for 4000 coins.


The orange fruit trees bear fruits only during the summer season. You can collect oranges every day and sell them in the market for 200 coins each. If you wish to plant orange saplings, you must visit Pierre’s general store. You can buy the saplings for 4000 coins.


You will find apricot fruits appearing on apricot trees during the spring season. Like any other fruit, you can harvest apricots every day and sell them for 100 coins. However, if you wish to plant new apricot saplings, you must visit Pierre’s general store and buy the saplings for 2000 coins.

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Special Trees

Planting Trees Stardew Valley also involves some unique trees that you can grow in your properties. Some of these unique trees are discussed below.

Palm Tree

The Calico desert is one of the most popular places where you can find plenty of palm trees. Although you cannot seek a tapper’s help on these trees nor get any seeds from the palm trees, you can chop or shake them to gather some coconuts.


The possibility of mushrooms spawning on your farm during the fall season is minimal. However, although you cannot plant mushrooms, you can surely tap or shop them.

How to Grow Trees in Stardew Valley?

Planting Trees Stardew Valley and letting them grow is as simple as it may appear. Nonetheless, you need to know the tips and basics of growing your trees to simplify managing your beautiful and cozy farm. First of all, you need to understand the type of trees you need to plant.

Indeed, Planting Trees Stardew Valley is not as profitable as growing crops. Despite this fact, trees enhance the overall beauty of your farm and are not entirely useless. It will not be a bad idea to plant different trees on your farm since the profits of selling various types of fruits are not much different. However, if you wish to plant trees to earn some profits, you better grow them in a greenhouse.

If you have a greenhouse, you can easily plant many trees. If there are empty tiles around the growing area, go ahead and plant the trees on those tiles. Trees are the only option for you to grow on those tiles. Thus, wasting any available space is out of the question.

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What Is The Appropriate Tree Spacing Needed To Grow Trees?

It is needless to say that trees require some space around them to grow up big and strong. Therefore, if you wish to plant fruit trees, ideally, eight squares around the center tile must be free or empty.

Growing any other tree in this space is impossible. However, you may plant grass in these eight squares. On the other hand, maintaining a distance between each tree will be sufficient if you wish to produce any ordinary tree.

What Are The Uses Of Planting Trees in Stardew Valley?

If you think planting trees on your farm wastes available space, you need to reconsider your strategy. Planting Trees Stardew Valley can prove a profitable job if you know how to tap the benefits. Here are some of the uses of planting trees on your property.

Tap To Get Resin, Tar, and Syrup

Seek help from a tapper and get the necessary syrup, resin, and tar from different types of trees, such as pine, maple, and oak. Although these trees share a similar appearance, they are pretty different from each other. Thus, it would help if you chose a suitable tap for each tree. Then, walk to a tree and place the tap at the base to collect tar, syrup, or resin.

Sell Fruits and Make Some Money

Various types of fruit trees bear fruits during different times of the year. You can sell these fruits and make some money.


Planting Trees Stardew Valley is a profitable job. However, it would help to remember that different fruit trees bear fruits during other parts of the year. Thus, it would help if you held your horses and allowed your planted saplings to bloom into big and healthy trees that will bear fruits. Then, you can use trees to make money by selling the fruits. You can also get syrups and resins from them.

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