Stardew Valley Rancher Or Tiller 

Stardew Valley Rancher and Tiller are two professions you can choose from in the farming mini-game at level 5. If you want to optimize your farming mini-game profits, it is essential to get this decision right the first time.  

Tiller/Artisan combination is the best choice because it optimizes your farming mini-game bonuses. The Tiller bonus is slightly lower but still more appealing because crops can be grown in abundance even early on. But an average player will not have many animals to produce products early game. The real game-changer is the 40% bonus that the Artisan unlocks at level 10.

Farming is one of the most essential mini-games in Pelican Town and probably the first skill you will level. As with any other mini-game in the Valley, you will get the best out of your game if you level up.  

There are up to 10 levels in the game, and each level unlocks different rewards. Levels 5 and 10 are of interest because a crucial decision on profession and specialization must be made. 

This article looks at these two professions, their respective specializations, and factors that might influence your decision.

Should I Become a Rancher or Tiller in Stardew Valley?  

This question will linger on your mind in level 5, especially if you are keen to maximize profits early on. To be clear, the professional path you take at this point will not minimize your Stardew valley game experience. But will undoubtedly impact resources for the early and late game.   

Viewed in terms of what you would like to do in the farming mini-game, the decision looks pretty simple. If you want to keep animals, choose a Rancher, and if you want to grow crops, become a Tiller. 

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The 20% Rancher bonus looks attractive on paper, but the Tiller bonus is still superior when you analyze it.  

Note that the farming profession you choose at level 5 does not affect the rewards you will unlock in levels 6 to 9. 

Let’s look at these two professions in more detail. 

Stardew Valley Rancher Profession 

The Rancher profession in Stardew valley involves keeping animals on the farm. You will have the opportunity to choose the Rancher profession at level 5. If you do so, your animal products, such as eggs, milk, and wool, will be worth 20% more. 

The beautiful thing about this bonus is that it applies even to artisan goods made from animal products.

Generally, items affected by the rancher profession include:

  • Milk of any kind
  • Eggs of any kind
  • Wool
  • Rabbit’s Foot
  • Duck Feather
  • Cheese of any kind
  • Cloth
  • Mayonnaise of any kind

At level 10, you will have the opportunity to choose between Coopmaster and Shepherded specializations. See the breakdown below. 

Stardew Valley Rancher Specializations

At level 10, the Rancher Profession offers two spinalization options. You have to decide between a Coopmaster and a Shepherd. They are two paths with different rewards, and you are likely to find one more ideal depending on your gameplay. We delve deeper into the two specialization options below. 


As a Coopmaster, your focus will be on Coop animals. In Stardew Valley, Coop animals cannot be purchased until a Coop is built on the farm and must occupy a spot in the Coop where they will leave their products each morning. These animals include Chickens, Ducks, Rabbits, and Dinosaurs. 

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Generally, an adult chicken will lay an egg every morning, and a duck will lay an egg or drop a Duck feather. Rabbits will produce wool every day and sometimes Rabbit Foot instead. Dinosaurs will lay a dinosaur egg every seven days. 

A Coopmaster will be able to befriend coop animals quicker, and incubation time for eggs, including dinosaur eggs, will reduce by half. The quality of Coop animal products will also increase by 33%.  


As a Shepherd, your focus will be on barn animals. In Stardew Valley, Barn animals are animals that cannot be purchased until a burn is built on the farm. And they must occupy a spot in a burn. These animals include cows, goats, sheep, pigs, and ostrich. 

Generally, cows and goats produce milk daily, whereas sheep produce wool once in 3 days. Likewise, ostrich produces eggs daily, but pigs will find truffles that can be used to make truffle oil.   

As a Shepherd, your barn animals will become friendlier; the quality of barn animal products will increase by 33%. And your sheep will be able to produce wool daily.  

Stardew Valley Tiller Profession 

Just as in the Rancher profession, you will be able to choose the Tiller profession at level 5. As a Tiller, your job entails growing crops, and there are over 40 crops and fruits that you can grow. A Tiller has the advantage of fetching 10% more from selling his crop, and this bonus applies to all vegetables. 

Also, flowers (even foraged flowers such as Sweet Pea and Crocus) and any fruit that has not been foraged are included. 

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Stardew Valley Tiller Specializations 

The Tiller profession has two distinct specializations, Artisan and Agriculturist. We delve deeper into them below.


You will be able to choose this specialization at level 10 of the farming mini-game. Artisan goods are worth 40% more except for oil and coffee. In Stardew Valley, artisan goods are items that can be created using Artisan Equipment. They can take days or just a few hours to process. 

Note that Tree Syrups such as Pine Tar, Maple Syrup, and Oak Resin are labeled “Artisan Goods” in-game but do not benefit from the Artisan profession. 


You will be able to make this decision at level 10. The benefit of this profession is that crops grow 10% faster, which means you can harvest more in a season. Unlike artisan specialization, it has no impact on profit from your animal goods. 


Farming is probably one of the most critical skills in Stardew valley. You will be able to unlock rewards from levels 1-10 but levels 5 and 10 are very important because there are important decisions to be made. 

The Tiller/Artisan allows you to optimize your farming mini-game resources for the early and late games. The Rancher profession offers an attractive bonus, but on analysis, the Tiller has the potential to offer more. If the professional decision (level 5) is debatable, there is only one clear winner at level 10, namely, Artisan.  

The Artisan has a better bonus. An average farm will be crafting most of its raw goods into artisan products. 

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