Stardew Valley Tiger Trout

Would you like to know how to catch tiger trout and where to find it? You will be hunting for several fish in Stardew Valley, and it might be unclear to figure out what time of year and where they appear.

There are two seasons for Tiger Trout, so it is easier to find than some rarer fish. Tiger Trout are easy to find in the Fall and Winter. But they tend to show up primarily in rough, southern areas of town. The streams coming from the mountain are not suitable for finding such fish.

Where to Find Tiger Trout?

Pelican Town’s river is the only place where Tiger Trout spawns. Take a left towards Cindersap Forest, where the river flows along with Leah’s house, or head to the southern area of the town square.

Also, please mark your calendars because you can only catch Tiger Trout in Autumn and Winter. A rainy day also increases your chances of catching fish, but they appear regardless of the weather.

How to Catch the Tiger Trout?

There are sometimes Tiger Trouts in all rivers, but not always. You can fish at Pelican Town or Cindersap Forest on the river which flows through the town in Stardew Valley.

Tiger Trout are only available between 6 am and 7 pm, but the timeframe gives you enough time to catch them. Fall and winter are prime times to catch Tiger Trout during the half-year. 

Tiger Trout enjoys colder weather. In addition to that, it doesn’t mind what kind of weather it’s fished in, since it is available any time of year. There are several ways to obtain Tiger Trout without fishing for them. 

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On Wednesdays, you may occasionally find the fish at Krobus’ shop, whether in season. There is a price of 200g for the fish if it is available. 

Purchasing Tiger Trout is also possible with the Traveling Cart, though it’s more expensive. The cost of catching one ranges from 450 g to 1000 g, so the sooner you can get one, the better.

Tips or Special Equipment Required

Sashimi, Maki Rolls, and Quality Fertilizer are the three basic recipes crafted from the Tiger Trout. Despite this, any fish in the game is suitable for making these recipes; you should know that Sashimi is significantly less expensive than just purchasing the actual fish.

Besides using tiger trout to make the fish shirt, Emily and Haley also use tiger trout to dye the dye pots inside their house. 

These fish produce only roe when placed in fish ponds regardless of their population size. In addition, tiger trout cannot reproduce, so you must fill the pond with them.

What Purpose Does Tiger Trout Serve?

It is possible to place Tiger Trout in the Fishpond, but they cannot reproduce, just like their real-world counterparts. They are therefore not worth keeping.

For the Fish Tank in the Community Center, it is necessary to complete the River Fish Bundle. If you complete that bundle, you will receive 30x bait.

The Fish Shirt uses Tiger Trout. Attach it to Emily and Haley’s sewing machine at 2 Willow Lane by sewing Tiger Trout to the spool. You can also use it as a dye that turns orange when combined with water.

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During fishing season, William sometimes requests one to four Tiger Trout. Additionally, you get to keep the fish you catch, and he will reward you with 150g per fish.

On the Special Orders board near the Mayor’s Manor, Demetrius will likely request the fish in the fall. It’s not hard to get rid of plenty of Tiger Trout at the docks, as Willy will be happy to receive them, and you may even receive some friendship points for it.


There are no Tiger Trout spawning sites other than Pelican Town’s river. You can either go to the southern area of the town square or take a left into Cindersap Forest, where Leah’s house lies along the river.

Tiger Trout are only present in Autumn and Winter. The chances of catching fish increase on a rainy day, but the fish are present no matter the weather. 

The best time to catch Tiger Trout is between 6 am and 7 pm, but you will have plenty of time. Tiger Trout are most abundant during the half-year between fall and winter. 

Colder weather is ideal for Tiger Trout. In addition, because it is available at any time of year, it doesn’t mind what kind of weather it is.

Without fishing for Tiger Trout, you can obtain the fish in several other ways. If the fish are in season, you can sometimes find them at Krobus’ shop on Wednesdays. 

Depending on availability, the fish costs 200g. A Traveling Cart is also an option for purchasing Tiger Trout, but it is more expensive.

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