What Is Donald Mustard’s Net Worth?

Donald is a known name in the gaming sector, given his reputation. The Canadian video game director is popular for contributing to popular games like Fortnite. One of the many questions that curious fans ask is, “what is Donald Mustard’s net worth?”

The net worth of Donald Mustard is approximately $10 million, which is a total of all he owns. As Creative Director at Epic Games, his principal source of income is from developing games and publishing games. He is also the co-founder of Chair entertainment. Despite his wealth, Mustard likes to live a low-key life and avoid the traps of the wealthy.

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Who Is Donald Mustard?

On August 15th, 1976, Mustard was born in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. He attended and graduated from Brigham Young University’s School of Engineering and Technology with a degree in Digital Design in 2000. 

He is recognized as a video game writer, director, and cinematographer. Games he has worked on include an Infinity Blade, a Blade II and a Blade III in the Infinity Blade series. 

In 2005, he co-founded Chair Entertainment with Geremy Mustard and Ryan Holmes. Donald Mustard and Geremy Mustard demonstrated the Infinity Blade III application live during the 2013 Apple iPhone 5S presentation.

In 2015, Donald Mustard teamed with J.J. Abrams and Bad Robot to create the new Spyjinx code for video games. Mustard was appointed Creative Global Director of Epic Games in 2016. He has been a part of the development teams for Fortnite, Undertow, and Advent Rising.

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On Instagram, he has a following of 24.2K, and his Twitter account currently has 839.3 thousand followers. As for his YouTube channel, it presently has 1.37K subscribers.

Donald Mustard’s Net worth

Donald Mustard’s net worth is $10 million. Assets and earnings are included in this calculation. His principal source of income is his position as Creative Director for Epic Games. His position in the video company earns him a salary ranging from $50,000 to $200,000.

With this, he has amassed quite a sum over the past few years. Despite this, he has managed to keep most of his private life under wraps. As a result, there isn’t much information about his life. 


Donald Mustard has played a significant role in the gaming industry. Still, he aims to do better in the coming years. Fortnite, Infinity Blade, and Shadow Complex are just a few of the games Donald Mustard has worked on. Aside from being a great director, he also co-founded Chair Entertainment.

Gamers have gained a lot from his creations and expect to see more from him soon. Though he is a private person, it’s easy to tell with his achievements that his worth is more significant than many high-profile celebrities. As of 2022, he recorded Donald Mustard’s net worth was capped at $10 million, and this number is still counting.

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