What Is Epic Games’ Net Worth?

No one in the gaming industry doesn’t know Epic Games. Epic has gained fame because of some of its unique creations like Fortnite, the Unreal, Gears of War, and Infinity Blade. As a result, there have been talks about the company’s net worth. 

According to some estimates, the company Epic Games’ net worth is over $18 billion. In 2018, the company made $3 billion in profit, which boosted the company’s market worth considerably. Since its launch in October 2017, Epic Games’ Fortnite Battle Royale has amassed more than 250 million players worldwide. This shows that the company is doing well for itself.

Do you want to know more about Epic Games’ net worth and its beginning? All you should do is keep reading.

What Is Epic Games?

Tim Sweeney founded Роtоmас Соmрutеr Ѕуѕtеmѕ, known as Epic Games today, while he was a student in 1991. The gaming company was initially into computer consultation. However, he changed the idea when he discovered that running the business requires extra work.

In 1991, he designed a game called ZZT, which was a massive success. This made Sweeney consider converting the company into a video gaming company. And he later brought Mark Rein on as a partner when the company began to grow.

Mark was in charge of handling sales, marketing deals, and publishing. By 1993 the company had over 30 employees and was functioning under the name Еріс МеgаGаmеѕ.

A few of their first game release include Fire Fight and Unreal. Unreal became popular and grew into a series called Unreal games.

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The company established the idea of organizing a competition to promote their game in 2004. Its goal was to reward a developer who designed mods using the Unreal game engine.

A game developer, Тrірwіrе, wоn $80,000 and other computer gadgets in the first contest. Gears of War, released in 2006 by Epic Game, is one of their most successful games. The company amassed a fortune of $100 mіllіоn from a $12 mіllіоn budgеt.

What Is Epic Games’ Net Worth?

The net worth of any company speaks volumes about how well it’s faring in its niche. For Epic Games, the number is quite impressive. With over $18 billion in its name, Epic Games’ net worth shows that it still stands its ground in the industry. 

Epic gets its revenue from the gaming services it offers to the public. With popular titles like Fortnite, it has generated over $3 billion in profit once. The same Fortnite has also gathered over 200 million fans worldwide.

The company can be regarded as one of the most successful video gaming companies. The company was given the BAFTA Awards in 2019. Furthermore, players can gain access to their games through a wide range of platforms worldwide, which is a big win.


Gaming companies thrive once they offer services that please the public. Epic Games has managed to do this in a short while. It has profited over $3 billion. 

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