What Is Faker’s Net Worth?

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The net worth of Faker is a popular matter of interest. This is especially true since he’s considered one among the world’s most skilled League of Legends players. The pro-gamer has been a part of the competitive League of Legends scene since joining SK Telecom T1 in 2013.

Faker successful beat the competition in six of the nine World Championships for League of Legends. He has also secured numerous other titles and tournament wins during his pro-gaming career. Faker has become a millionaire many times over, amassing a net worth of approximately $4.5 million with his success. He has invested his earnings into real estate, startups, and other businesses.

This article will discuss who Faker is and how he’s amassed his wealth. We’ll also explore Faker’s net worth.

Who Is Faker?

Faker’s real name is Lee Sang-hyeok. He was born in Seoul, where his father and grandparents raised him. As a child, he enjoyed playing with puzzles. When he entered high school, he dropped out midway to join SK Telecom T1 in 2013.

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Today, Faker stands among the most accomplished League of Legends players in history. The League of Legends Championship Series is the highest League of Legends professional competition globally. The greatest international LOL teams go head to head and the competition is broadcasted every week through streams and streaming services.

Faker has won many world championships, and he has been awarded the 2017 Summoner’s Cup. Also, he’s widely deemed to be one of the greatest LOL players of all time. Having played one of the world’s most popular and watched games, Faker is one of the most recognizable names in esports.

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What Is Faker’s Net Worth?

An individual’s net worth is the difference between what they own (assets) and what they owe (liabilities). This figure is an indicator of one’s financial health.

Faker’s net worth is about $4.5 million. It’s important to know because he shows anyone can be successful through unconventional means. His success encourages more people to try the game, and it’s essential to the growth of esports.


Faker has derived fame and recognition from his exceptional skill at League of Legends. Faker has won several titles and accolades with his mechanical prowess and strategic mind, including the 2017 Summoner’s Cup. His success has not gone unnoticed, and he has been named one of the world’s best talents.

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