What Is HusKerrs’ Net Worth?

What is HusKerrs’ net worth? HusKerrs, also known as Jordan Thomas, is a gaming legend. He is well known for streaming on Twitch and other platforms. HusKerrs is also a successful content creator on YouTube and a gamer on E-sports.

In 2022 HusKerrs has a net worth of $2.8 million. A considerable chunk of his wealth is generated through playing tournaments and Twitch subscriptions. The famous streamer makes most of his money through Twitch content creation and streaming each month. He also makes a considerable amount of money through his YouTube channel.

Who Is HusKerrs?

HusKerrs is a well-known figure in the gaming industry. He’s been streaming on Twitch since 2012, where he earns a hefty sum monthly, which contributes to HusKerrs’ net worth. In fact, as of March 2022, HusKerrs’ Twitch channel has over 1 million followers. He also makes money from his YouTube channel, which has about 270,000 subscribers as of March 2022.

Another source of HusKerrs’ income can be attributed to sponsorships. His sponsors include big brands such as G FUEL, Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, Levi’s, Hot Pockets, etc.

HusKerrs was first recognized in 2017 when he became a Z1  pro player. Before that, he was a little-known H1 player. Later, he created his own team on Rogue to compete in Apex Legends.

After playing competitively on Apex, HusKerrs became a full-time player on Call of Duty: Warzone. After becoming the first person to earn over $100,000 in Call of Duty: Warzone earnings, he rose to fame. He also won a Call of Duty: Warzone streamer of the year award from Dexerto in 2020.

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What Is HusKerrs Net Worth?

HusKerrs net worth is $ 2.8 million. He mainly makes money from Twitch, YouTube, and sponsorships. His Twitch channel earns him revenue through donations and subscriptions. And his YouTube channel pays him a percentage of ad revenue through the YouTube Partnership program.

This gamer attracts over 400,000 views a month on YouTube, and he’s paid roughly $2-$7 for every 1000 views. Since Call of Duty: Warzone launched in August last year, the content creator has earned a little over $ 207,000 playing the game. Overall, HusKerrs’ earns an estimated $20,000 per day from streaming alone.

The famous gamer also earns revenue from his merchandise shop Shophuskkerrs.com. And sponsorships earn him about $15,000 on a flat payment or commission per month.

HusKerrs is also a Call of Duty professional player. He has earned a lot of money playing such tournaments over the years. Gamers can earn a lot of money from these tournaments, with six-figure prize pools. HusKerrs was the first player to win $100,000 prize money from playing Call of Duty: Warzone.

A gamer’s net worth is calculated by combining assets gained from sponsorships, merchandise sales, and revenue from streaming channels. Their liabilities are then subtracted from total earnings resulting in their net worth.


HusKerrs net worth of over $2.8 million has come from his successful gaming career. He earns a good income from streaming on Twitch for about 3 – 5 hours a session. HusKerrs also earns additional from sponsorships, adverts, tournaments, and subscriptions.

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