Best Crops for a Greenhouse in Stardew

When you play the Stardew Valley, you may often wonder about the best crops for a greenhouse in Stardew. For those who are unaware, Stardew Valley is primarily a farming game. When you start the game, you inherit your family farm, which has a dilapidated building standing on the northwest side of the plot. Gradually you will understand that this is the greenhouse where you can plant several crops.

You can categorize the crops you grow in your greenhouse into spring, summer, fall, winter, and special crops. Some of the best produce you can grow in your greenhouse are cauliflower, garlic, potato, radish, tomato, sunflower, eggplant, beet, artichoke, pineapple, and cactus fruit. Different crops require different care to help them grow properly.

Necessary Activities Before Planting Crops

The family farm that you inherit will be in an untilled condition. It would help if you tilled the land using a Hoe before you could plant your favorite crops. Fertilizing and growing crops on your farm will consume some of your daily energy. In addition, you need to water the tile adequately where you will plant the produce after tilling it. Use the watering can to water the area.

Placing the seeds and fertilizers on the tilled tiles is a simple process. First, you need to left-click on your mouse to choose a tile. If you want to select multiple tiles, you may have to press and hold the right or left-click and move the cursor on the tiles. There are no special tools needed to plant and fertilize crops. Thus, it does not consume much of your daily energy.

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Make a note that you can only use a single type of fertilizer at a time on a tile. You may have to place some fertilizers before planting a seed on the given tile. One can place other varieties of fertilizers before or after you plant a seed. You can water the plants anytime you want and in any order.

Why Grow Certain Crops in Stardew Valley?

You need to earn several achievements while playing the Stardew Valley game. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve some of these achievements if you do not grow specific crops. For instance, to earn the Polyculture achievement, you need to ship exactly 28 varieties of crops.

Some of these crops include:

  • Garlic
  • Potato
  • Cauliflower
  • Kale
  • Corn
  • Red cabbage
  • Bok choy
  • Amaranth
  • Strawberry
  • Tomato
  • Blueberry
  • Pumpkin

You need to ship any specific crop to earn the Monoculture achievement. For example, you may choose the product from the list above or opt for tulip, blue jazz, ancient fruit, summer spangle, and fairy rose.

Best Crops for a Greenhouse in Stardew

You must have understood that there are many varieties of crops that you can grow on your farm and in your greenhouse. However, which crops are the best for your conservatory is an excellent riddle to solve. So, here are some of the best produce you can grow in your greenhouse.

Qi Fruit

The Qi Crop is one of the many challenges thrown at you by Mr. Qi from his secret room on Ginger Island. The challenge requires growing and shipping 500 Qi Fruits within a month. First, you need to dig in artifact spots and chop down trees to find Qi Beans. Planting these seeds will bear you the Qi Fruit.

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Because of the excellent demand for Qi Fruits, you may think you will require more places to grow the crops, especially when most players dedicate their farming space to other plants. Thus, the greenhouse comes in handy. In addition, this provides you with some extra room to grow Qi Fruits.


Pineapples take seven days to regrow and 14 days to mature. Thus, growing pineapples during the summer may not prove worth the effort. However, this fruit grows all year round on Ginger Island. So, if you prefer to keep your farming in one place, then using the greenhouse to grow pineapples will not be a bad idea.

If you are trying to complete the Caroline’s Island Ingredients, a special order posted on the community bulletin board, harvesting pineapples is crucial. According to the request, you need to provide 100 pineapples, making it more important to use the greenhouse to grow the fruit.


This is one of those few grains with multiple uses in Stardew Valley. For example, you can use corn to prepare various recipes and produce cooking oil by pressing the corn seeds. Unfortunately, corn takes a long time to mature. Thus, growing it outside may prove to be a tedious task.

Corn is one of those fruits that grows in the summer and fall seasons outside in the open. However, if you raise the grain in your greenhouse, you can enjoy better rewards after the long wait. For example, you can use corn in an oil maker that will let you prepare various types of mouth-watering delicacies.

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When you play Stardew Valley, you realize that speed boosts are invaluable in every aspect. For example, if you opt to grow coffee in your greenhouse, you can use the speed boost to quicken the pace at which the plant grows.

Once you grow coffee, you will notice that the plants bear coffee seeds regularly. This is unlike any other single-harvest crop, such as starfruit. If you grow coffee in your greenhouse, the plants will never die.

A few coffee plants can help you get a massive surplus of coffee because the plants bear four beans each day. You can also complete Qi’s Culinary Challenge by growing coffee in your greenhouse. This is because you can provide them with ingredients to prepare triple espresso.


Playing Stardew Valley will help you grow many varieties of plants. Although some will be useful in completing a quest or a mission, some crops can help you earn gold coins by selling them in the market. Using the greenhouse to grow certain crops is a good idea. It provides you with an additional space to grow crops and helps grow specific crops faster than usual.

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