What is Rockstar Games’ Net Worth?

What is Rockstar Games’ net worth? Rockstar Games is a prominent video game publisher in the US and one of the best in the industry. You are at the right place if you want to know more about the corporation, including its net worth. 

Rockstar Games has a remarkable net worth of approximately $3.5 billion, attributed to game development and publishing excellence. The company is the proud publisher of the Grand Theft Auto, popularly known as GTA. And the popularity of GTA surpasses that of many of the biggest titles throughout the history of game publishing. The GTA franchise alone has made approximately $6 billion from a budget of $ 265 million.

You don’t need much convincing to believe that Rockstar Games is a gaming producer and publisher per excellence. Let’s take a closer look and discover more about this company and its net worth. 

What is Rockstar Games? 

Rockstar Games, Inc. is one of the most prolific video game publishing companies and is located in New York City. It was founded in December 1998 and the company falls under the umbrella of Take-Two Interactive. 

The business was founded by a quintet comprising Sam and Dan Houser, Jamie King, Gary Foreman, and Terry Donovan. Terry left later and was replaced by Gary Dale.

Rockstar Games is made of studios created internally and some that have been acquired and renamed. The majority of the brands brought into the fold have now become part of the Rockstar brand. But some have retained their identities and become part of the 2K Games Division. 

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What Is Rockstar Games’ Net Worth?

Net worth is the difference between a company’s assets and any debt it may have. It provides insight into company’s financial stability at a given time. An asset is anything the company owns that has fiscal value. While any debt, also referred to as a liability, is a financial obligation.

If assets are more than liabilities, it’s said that a company has a positive net worth. Net worth will grow if a company consistently makes a profit.

Lenders, investors, suppliers, employees, government, etc., will be interested in your net worth before they make any move. Negative net worth is a cause of concern because it indicates that the company cannot meet its financial obligations. 

Rockstar Games’ net worth is believed to be $3.5 billion. This has been created from many years of hard work and excellence in publishing. One of their highest-selling games is the Grand Theft Auto (GTA). GTA is considered one of the most successful games ever published. According to Market Watch, the game made $6 billion from a budget of $ 265 million. 


Net worth is an important concept both for individuals and companies. Rockstar Games has an estimated net worth of $3.5 billion, primarily attributed to its excellence in video game publishing. The record-breaking performance of GTA was a significant contributor to the company’s success.

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