Can You Play League of Legends on Mac?

Are you a Mac user who loves playing multiplayer battle arena games and wondering, “can you play League of Legends on Mac?” Gaming is not a priority for MacBook computers. However, they can still play some latest and most popular games. So, is League of Legends compatible with Mac?

The League of Legends is available for Mac users. Despite this, MacBook users can only access the US portal of the game. Therefore, non-US players are unable to play the game. Alternatively, there is a way to install Windows on a Mac and seamlessly switch back and forth between the two operating systems to enjoy League of Legends.

What Is League of Legends?

In League of Legends, players maneuver unique characters in an isometric battle arena from their perspective. As a champion kills enemies, they accrue experience points during the game. 

You may notice an increase in the champion’s strength by acquiring items earned by destroying minions. Players can only purchase items through the shop menu while their champion is inside their base in the game’s primary mode. 

There is no transferring of levels or items between matches. Each team has five players, each competing to destroy each other’s team’s turrets and champions.

Players start the game in their base, containing the Nexus, and reappear after dying. Players can generate minions in their Nexus, advancing on the enemy’s base.

Can You Play League of Legends on Mac?

There is a version of League of Legends available exclusively for Mac users. So, as a Mac user, you can play League of Legends but with some limitations. However, MacBook users only have access to the US version of the game. 

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As a result, players from other countries cannot play League of Legends directly on Mac. Macs are compatible with Windows, which allows you to play League of Legends from anywhere. Follow the given steps to play League of Legends on your Mac.

  • Visit the League of Legends site and download it for your Mac.
  • It may not seem intuitive since most of the buttons are for Windows. Nevertheless, you need to click the text you see below it that reads “Download Mac Installer” to let the installation proceed.
  • Click “Installer” to start.
  • This installation will be straightforward, and the software installer will take care of everything for you. Do not worry if your computer takes a couple of minutes to install.
  • Now, download the files by opening them.


So, now you know that it is possible to play League of Legends on Mac. The operating system plays a crucial role in this. Many players have installed the Windows OS to take advantage of both.

There are a variety of Macs that are good for regular tasks, but they don’t run well when it comes to gaming. However, if you want to enjoy League of Legends without overheating your Mac, you should play it on the lowest settings.

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