Can You Play Among Us on Mac?

A common question that many Among Us fans ask is, “can you play Among Us on Mac?” The Among Us game is available on multiple platforms, including Windows and iOS. The Among Us game is also accessible on the Linux operating system. So, can Mac users also play it?

There is no official Mac version of Among Us, likely due to the developers’ lack of interest in focusing on these devices. However, Mac users can use other ways to play Among Us on their devices. On Mac, you must install and run an Android emulator to play Among Us. As an alternative, if you have Bootcamp installed, you can also launch Windows and download Among Us.

What Is Among Us?

This game unfolds in a space-themed environment where players appear as colorful astronauts with armless bodies. As a multiplayer game, Among Us can accommodate between four and fifteen players, but experts recommend that at least five players play. 

In each round, up to three players represent the impostor randomly and secretly. For the impostor to win, all the crew members must die, or a significant part of the map requires sabotaging. 

On the other hand, either the Crewmates must complete all tasks to win or identify and eject all Imposters. Additionally, games can end if players quit the game after fulfilling any win conditions.

Can You Play Among Us on Mac?

Since Among Us developers do not appear interested in making a Mac version of the game, there is no official Mac version. Even if you have a Mac, you can still play Among Us on your device using other methods. 

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Your best option for playing Among Us on a Mac is installing an emulator. You can also use Bootcamp to play Among Us on Mac. Follow the steps to run Among Us on your device.

  • Set up BlueStacks by downloading, installing, and configuring it.
  • Launch the BlueStacks application.
  • Choose the “LET’S GO” button in the My Apps section.
  • Access your Google account by logging in.
  • Upon launching the emulation of an Android desktop, select the App Center.
  • If you go to the upper right corner of the page, you should see a search field where you will have to type “Among Us.”
  • Look for Among Us in the search results and select Install.
  • After the Among Us page has appeared, click on the Install button.
  • Upon downloading the app, press Open.
  • Click OK to set your control options.
  • Press the “GOT IT” button.
  • Please click on the “I Understand” button.

After that, the Among Us game is now available for you to play.


The Among Us developer has not taken any steps to bring the game to macOS yet. You can use a few methods to play Among Us if you have a Mac. 

Installing an Android emulator is the best way to play Among Us on a Mac. It is also possible to install Bootcamp on a Mac and play Among Us.

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