Can You Play Rocket League On Mac?

“Can you play Rocket League on Mac” is a question most gamers ask when they want to explore a new vehicle soccer game like Rocket League on their Mac? There is no doubt that the Rocket League is one of today’s most popular vehicle soccer games. Within a short time, it attracted hundreds of thousands of gamers worldwide. But can you play it on Mac?

Yes, Rocket League is available on Mac. However, there were no updates for Mac Rocket League after the March Update in 2020. Rocket League no longer supports the macOS version. The game will still be available for download and installation; however, some features will not work.

What Is Rocket League?

Rocket League is a video game where you drive a vehicle and play soccer. The gameplay of the Rocket League is mainly unchanged from its predecessor. 

The players drive rocket-powered cars towards the opposing team’s goal area to carry a large ball at high speeds. This is similar to indoor soccer combined with demolition derby elements. 

While in midair, players’ cars can jump and hit the ball. As players drive over marked spaces, they can gain extra speed. As a result, they can run faster, hit the ball harder, or destroy their opponents’ cars. 

After the destruction of the vehicles, they reappear on their respective sides. Furthermore, players can use a boost to accelerate in flight, reaching the ball faster. 

Players can change the orientation of their cars during midair, which is possible by using the midair boost feature. The player can also make the car jump and spin rapidly, allowing them to push the ball or take advantage of their position. 

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The duration of a match is usually five minutes. In the event of a tie, sudden death overtime will occur. There are 1v1 and 4v4 matches available. 

Throughout the competitive online mode of Rocket League, players compete in different tiers according to their victories and losses within game seasons.  

Can You Play Rocket League on Mac?

If you wish to play Rocket League on your Mac, you can do so. Although, after the March Update in 2020, Rocket League did not receive any more updates for the Mac edition. 

It will still be possible to download and install the game on your computer, but some features may not be functional. On Steam, you can get the Windows version of Rocket League if you own a Mac. 

Windows 7 or a higher on Mac will run Rocket League with full functionality. Users running macOS can use Apple’s Boot Camp software to run Rocket League on their devices.


Your Mac can run Rocket League. Despite this, Rocket League for the Mac hasn’t received any further updates since the March Update in 2020. However, some features may not function if you download the game for Mac. 

You can download Rocket League for Windows if you own a Mac through Steam. However, you will also require Boot Camp software, allowing the game to run smoothly.

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