Herring Stardew Valley 

A herring in Stardew Valley is one of the many different types of fish you can find and catch in Stardew Valley. Herring is a common prey fish well known for its darting behavior. You will need to catch a Herring for two quests and a couple of other things you can do with it. If you want to know where to find Herring and how to catch it, you are at the right place. 

Finding and catching Herring in Stardew Valley is not complicated because Herring is a common fish. Herring are prominent in the ocean during spring and winter. With a difficulty rating of 25%, catching Herring is relatively easy. However, you must have a good fishing rod and magic bait. And because of their darting behavior, you need to get your technique right.

How to Find and Catch Herring in Stardew Valley

Why You Need to Find & Catch Herring in Stardew Valley

Herring is not the people’s favorite in Stardew Valley. No villager likes it; 7 villagers are neutral to it while most Pelican Town residents dislike it. There are even a few who hate it. Which makes you wonder why you need to catch it.

Despite being primarily disliked, Herring is still vital in Pelican Town. You may find that a Herring is arbitrarily called for in spring or winter for a reward of 90g and 150 friendship points. Also, residents Willy and Demetrius sometimes request about 1-5 Herring in spring or winter for a reward of 30g per fish. For requests, be sure to check the “Help Wanted” board which can be found in front of Pierre’s General Store. 

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Apart from the quests, you can use a Herring to make three recipes, including Maki Roll, Sashimi, and quality fertilizer. These items sell at 220g, 75g, and 10g respectively in Krobu’s shop. Herring can also be used to make a dyeable Sailor Shirt and dyeing. Dye pots are located at Emily and Haley’s house at 2 Willow Lane. 

Where to Find Herring in Stardew Valley

Herring is found in the ocean during winter and spring at any time in all kinds of weather. The beach and its ocean are located south of Pelican Town and east of the shopping docks. It’s possible to access the beach via the entrance to Pelican Town. Or you can make use of a teleportation device such as a Warp Totem to get to the beach.

The beach can be accessed through Pelican Town’s entrance or by the use of a warp Totem. You may also get Herring at the traveling cart for 100g – 1000g. 

How to Catch Herring in Stardew Valley

Catching Hearing in Stardew valley is not a very complicated affair. It is far easier to catch a Herring than Lingcod, which is rated at 85% difficulty. Herring is known for their darting behavior, especially when they see a predator or sense danger. To succeed in catching Herring, understand its behavior and arm yourself with a good fishing rod and magic bait. 

Herring Stardew Valley Tips 

Always strive to improve your fishing skills because your catch will fetch 25% or 50% more as a professional fisher or angler. 

You can use a fiberglass rod or an iridium road, but an iridium rod allows you to use bait and tackle. 

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Perhaps you haven’t unlocked Qi’s Walnut Room yet. In that instance, you can buy magic bait which will cost you 5 Qi Gems. You can also use 3 Bug Meat and 1 Radioactive Ore to craft it.


Fishing Herring is not as complicated as Lingcod, but you will still find it enjoyable and rewarding. Residents of Pelican Town don’t like it very much, but its benefits go beyond gifting residents. Visit Pierre’s General Store regularly to check the “Help Wanted” board for random quests, including Willy’s and Demetrious’s quests. But you can also use your Herring to make recipes like Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer for sale.  

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