Stardew Valley Lingcod 

Stardew Valley Lingcod is one of the different types of fish you are expected to catch in Stardew Valley. The fearsome predator is brown and ranges between 30 and 51 inches in length. Players are free to fish in the Mountain Lake and rivers that flow through Pelican town at any time. But you need to be mindful of seasons because Lingcod is only available in winter.

Finding and Catching Stardew Valley Lingcod 

Lingcod is a saltwater fish in real life, but in Stardew Valley, it’s a freshwater fish. It can be found in Mountain Lake and rivers in Pelican town. Finding and catching Lingcod has a difficulty rating of 85, which means it’s pretty tough. However, you’ll find it enjoyable and rewarding with the right equipment and a few pro tips.

If you have been trying to find and catch Lingcod in Stardew Valley with no success, worry no more! This article will show you where to find Lingcod how to catch Lingcod. Plus a few tips and tricks to help you make the most of it. 

Why Is Stardew Valley Lingcod Important?

It will surprise you that not many people love Lingcod in Stardew Valley. Only one villager likes it as a gift, while a considerable number of villagers are neutral to it. The majority of the villagers dislike it, and some even hate it. Nevertheless, expect a quest in the mail from that one villager who likes it. 

The villager is called Willy, and his quest should be expected on the 13th day of winter. The quest is an invitation to catch one Stardew Valley Lingcod for Willy. The reward for this is 550g and one friendship heart with Willy.

Also, you will need Lingcod for a time-limited quest from Demetrius, one of the villagers neutral to it. The quest is for you to catch for Demetrious 10 Lingcod in 6 days as part of a particular order. In return, you get a gold equivalent of the value of the 10 fish and the recipe for a farm computer. 

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Apart from the quests, you can use Lingcod for making recipes like Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, Sashimi, and Fishing Vest. You can also use it as an orange dye in the dye pots located in Emily and Haley’s house. Lingcod is, however, not required for bundles for Pelican Town’s community Centre.

Where to Find Stardew Valley Lingcod

Before discussing where to find Lingcod, it is essential to emphasize that this fish can only be found during winter. The beautiful thing is that Willy sends his quest letter on the 13 of winter in the second year, and you have 16 days to find and catch the fish. The fish can be caught at any time of the day and in any weather. 

Lingcod can be found in the Mountain Lake and the rivers in Pelican town. The lake is situated in the top right corner of the map, east of Linu’s camp and north of Pelican Town. On the other hand, the river runs from the Cindersap forest along the south side of Pelican Town.  

You can also find Lingcod in Krobus’ shop stock on Wednesday and in Stock for the traveling cart if you are lucky. It will cost you 360- 1000 gold each to buy fish from the traveling cart and 200 golds to buy from Krobus Shop. Players can also raise lingcod in a fish pond on their farm.

To start a fish pond, you will need at least 9 Lingcod. Stardew Valley Lingcod from the pond produces bug meat and roe. 

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How to Catch Lingcod in Stardew Valley

Catching Stardew Valley Lingcod might be difficult but not impossible. In fact, there is no fishing level required. However, you need to have the right fishing equipment. To maximize your chances of catching Lingcod, you need an iridium fishing pole, trap bobbers, magic bait, and a fishing vest. 

Willy’s fishing rod is great for a start, but you will need to get a better fishing rod if you intend to fish more. This is particularly important for the time-limited Demetrius side quest. 

Tips and Tricks 

You can catch Stardew Valley Lingcod before the quest is made because Willy will still accept it. As a predator fish, expect Lingcod to give a good fight. For you to stand a chance, get good iridium rode and improve your fishing levels. 

Increasing your fishing level also adds value to your catch. Fisher and angler Lingcod is 25% and 50% (respectively) more expensive than the base Lingcod price. See how the prices compare below.

Base Lingcod Prices:  

  • Normal – 120g
  • Silver Star – 150g
  • Gold Star – 180g
  • Iridium Star- 240g

Fisher Lingcod Prices: 

  • Normal – 150g
  • Silver Star – 187g
  • Gold Star – 225g
  • Iridium Star- 300g 

Angler Lingcod Prices: 

  • Normal – 180g
  • Silver Star – 225g
  • Gold Star – 270g
  • Iridium Star- 360g


With a rating of 4.8, Stardew Valley has become so popular with online gamers because of the refreshing and rewarding experience. You can make friends and breathe new life into the pristine valley by engaging in various activities like fishing.  

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Knowing when and how to catch Stardew Valley Lingcod will enhance your success in catching this fierce predator and increase your rewards. Be sure to get good fishing gear and take deliberate steps to improve your fishing level. The time-limited Demetrious side quest of 10 Lingcod in six days will need both.

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