How To Turn On Oculus Quest 2

Knowing how to turn on Oculus Quest 2 is probably the only thing on your mind when you buy it. But, if you don’t set it up correctly, it might malfunction, ruining an expensive gadget.

The process of turning on Oculus Quest 2 is easy. However, missing a few setup steps may prevent your device from working correctly. Therefore, you should do it with care.

The first step to take when turning on Oculus Quest 2 is charging the device. Next, wear the headset and turn it on using the power button on its right side. Use the paired touch controllers to scroll through the device menu, choose a language, and connect to Wi-Fi. Download the Oculus App and configure your guardian boundary to complete the process.

Advantages of Knowing How to Turn on Oculus Quest 2

You need to learn how to turn on Oculus Quest 2 before enjoying its virtual reality experience. It will enable you to watch videos and play VR games from the comfort of your home.

Oculus will also enable you to create a virtual friend zone using your Oculus Quest 2 headset. That’s a place you can go to chat with friends and expand your online social circle.

It’s also possible to live stream content to Facebook and share record-worthy moments with friends using your Oculus headset. You can even cast your Oculus to your phone or TV. But you can’t enjoy these benefits of having Oculus Quest 2 without setting it up.

Here’s how to turn on Oculus Quest 2 once you get it out of the box.

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How to Turn on Oculus Quest 2

  1. Charge your Oculus Quest 2 headset until it’s fully charged.
  2. Insert batteries into the Oculus touch controllers.
  3. Put on the headset and press the power button on the right-hand side under the strap to power it on.
  4. Once the headset powers on, the touch controllers will pair with the headset.
  5. Use the controllers to click through the headset menus and choose your preferred language.
  6. Connect your Oculus Quest 2 headset to the Wi-Fi network and wait for it to update its software.
  7. Download the Oculus mobile app from the Android or Apple app store and pair the Oculus device to it. You will need a Facebook account to download the app.
  8. Once you download the app, you will see a pairing code displayed in your headset. Enter the code into the Oculus app on your phone, and the setup process will be complete.
  9. Set up your Guardian Boundary, which is the space where you will play your virtual reality. It must be a safe play area in your room where you can play VR without banging into anything.
  10. Lastly, lower the Oculus Quest 2 headset to the floor to set the floor level. You’ve now successfully set up your Oculus headset.


That’s how to turn on your Oculus Quest 2 device for the first time. It’s pretty easy to complete because the app walks you through the setup process. 

Once your Oculus headset is configured, you can play games with it and enjoy connecting with friends on the Oculus platform.

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