How To Update Oculus Quest 2

If you own an Oculus device, you may be wondering how to update Oculus Quest 2. The VR company has recently updated some of its devices to improve user experiences.

Ensuring your headset has the most recent software installed is vital. If you are using an Oculus Quest version 9.0 or higher, updates are available for it.

You can update Oculus Quest 2 software automatically or manually. The Oculus headset will automatically update its software when connected to a Wi-Fi network. Update your Oculus device manually by wearing the headset, accessing the universal menu, and tapping the “Quick settings menu.” There you will find a “settings” sub-menu from which you can access the Systems menu where updates are located.

Advantages of Updating Your Oculus Quest 2

Oculus is continuously upgrading its software to better user experiences. It keeps adding new features and tweaking the user interface to improve the functionality of its headsets.

You will benefit from all these features if you update your Oculus device regularly. Keeping your device updated will also ensure your security features remain updated. 

Your Oculus device should automatically install updates as they are released. But that won’t happen if the headset is set to sleep mode or has been switched off. You can trigger the automatic update process by following these instructions.

How to Update Oculus Quest 2 Automatically

  1. Fully charge your Oculus Quest 2 headset, then turn it on.
  2. Connect your headset to a WiFi network. Ensure the WiFi is active.
  3. Place the headset on a flat surface, ensuring nothing is blocking its sensor.
  4. The headset will update its software automatically and alert you once the process is done.
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If, for some reason, your Oculus Quest 2 does not complete the automatic update process, try the manual option. Here’s how to do it.

How to Manually Update Your Oculus Quest 2

  1. Fully charge your Oculus Quest 2 device, then put it on.
  2. Push the Oculus button situated on the righthand side of your controller. This will allow you to see the universal menu.
  3. Click the clock at the bottom of the universal menu’s left side. A quick settings menu will come up.
  4. Select the cog icon situations on the righthand side at the top of your screen. This will give you access to the settings menu.
  1. Tap on “systems” in the menu. Then choose “Software Update” from the options listed on the left-hand side.
  2. You will see the latest update there if it is available. Tap on the download update button to activate it and leave the handset on a flat surface while on.
  3. Updating your Oculus device may take some time. Therefore, it’s best to begin this process with a fully charged headset to ensure the update is completed successfully.


Now you know how to update Oculus Quest 2 manually and automatically. If you prefer the automatic process, note that your device needs to stay on throughout the update.

Oculus Quest 2 headsets typically go to sleep mode approximately 15 seconds after you take them off. Therefore, always ensure your device is fully charged before updating it.

You should always keep your Oculus device updated to ensure you use the latest software. It will enhance your user experience tremendously.

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