Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?

If you enjoy playing Battlefield, you’ve probably wondered: Is Battlefield 5 cross-platform? Battlefield 5 is the sixteenth game within the Battlefield collection of games, an iconic series dating back to 2002.

If you are a fan of this series, you may want to play it with friends across different platforms. After all, it’s available for PS5, PS4, Windows, and  Xbox One.

Battlefield 5 is a first-person shooter game popular for multiplayer battles with up to 64 players on a map. It’s based on the idea of a group of players coordinating with each other to win battles. You would expect such a game to support cross-platform gaming, but it doesn’t. That means console players cannot join PC players in their lobbies and vice versa.

What is Battlefield?

Battlefield 5, a game that focuses on battles from World War II, is a continuation of World War 1-based Battlefield 1. The game features single-player war stories based on World War II.

The premium game is available on personal computers and mainstream consoles only. You cannot access it on iOS, Android, or any other mobile platform.

Battlefield 5 gives players a more dialogue-centered approach which increases playing time. It has multiplayer modes that focus on battles across different stages and excellent stealth gameplay. Some examples are stimulating war campaigns such as “Firestorm” and “The Grand Operations.”

Combined Arms, a cooperative mode on Battlefield 5 where up to four players can go on dynamic missions, is especially popular. The cosmetic items available to players, such as British Special Air Service (SAS) cosmetic sets and weapons, make it more enjoyable. 

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Is Battlefield 5 Cross-Platform?

As a gamer, you know that using more than one device is possible to play a game. The platforms available for gamers, such as Xbox and PS5, offer players a different experience.

Cross-platform gaming is an excellent way to access the advantages of different platforms when playing a game. It enables gamers to play the same video game with other players on different devices.

Gamers also have the freedom to switch from one platform to the other when cross-platform gaming. You could start playing a video game on a PS 4 console and switch to your PC or phone.

Some gamers may be disappointed with Battlefield V’s lack of cross-platform gaming. That’s because many of us buy games to play with our friends on different platforms.

However, the fact that Battlefield does not support cross-platform gaming could work to the advantage of gamers. It prevents players from having an unfair advantage due to their devices overpowering each other.

Gaming on a single platform also creates an even playing field. That’s what competitive gaming is all about.

Why Does Battlefield 5 Not Support Cross-Platform Gaming?

Popular games like Battlefield are released with some kind of exclusive deals. Some experts think supporting cross-platform gaming on Battlefield may interfere with such an exclusive deal that the game was released with.  

Another reason Battlefield does not support cross-platform gaming could be the rivalry between device creators such as Microsoft and Sony. 

It’s also disappointing to note that Battlefield V does not support cross-progression. That means you cannot transfer your unlocks or progress from one platform to another. 

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DICE and EA, the creators of Battlefield 5, have not introduced cross-play in the Battlefield series. We cannot expect them to introduce cross-platform gaming as the game is already too old.

In recent years, gamers have become more demanding, asking for games that push the limits. Games like Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, and Ark are already cross-platform, and the creators of Battlefield should catch up.

But for now, if you want to play Battlefield 5 with friends on different platforms, it won’t work.

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