Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform?

If you enjoy battle games and love playing them with friends, you may ask, “Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform?” That’s one of the common questions these days due to the increasing divide between PC and console games. Battlefield 1 is also free to play and own on some platforms causing people to wonder about its cross-platform capabilities.

Although Battlefield 1 is available on various platforms, it’s only cross-platform enabled on Windows and Xbox One. That means players can only compete with friends on these platforms. However, gamers will appreciate the cross-progression capabilities of Battlefield 1. It enables players on different versions of the console, such as PS5 and PS4, to enjoy the game with friends.

If you’ve just heard of Battlefield 1, here is some information about it.

What is Battlefield 1?

Battlefield 1 is a World – War 1 game developed by DICE. It is available on PS4, PS5, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox One. The game is based on historical events from the World War 1 era, such as the Battle of Gallipoli. Players will appreciate the weapons and armored vehicles in the game inspired by the war.

The popular action game is a first-person shooter game with six modes and nine maps for players to choose from. It has realistic graphics and amazing special effects. Players can do many things at a go, such as snipe at enemies from a distance while running.

Battlefield 1 gives gamers a chance to participate in six missions. Some of them are Storm of Steel, Through Mud and Blood, Friends in High Places, Nothing is written, etc. Gamers have to unlock medals and ribbons in the game while participating in various war acts. Battlefield 1 gives gamers great insight into World War 1 historical period as they enjoy the game.

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Is Battlefield 1 Cross-platform?

Cross-platform games allow players to compete with friends on different devices such as PC, PlayStation, and Xbox. That means players on PC can play the game with those on Xbox and vice versa. It gives them the freedom to enjoy a game on any device.

Battlefield 1 is only cross-platform on Windows and Xbox One. It gives gamers a chance to experience the game on both platforms. That allows them to appreciate the game’s unique features on each platform.

For example, some gamers think Battlefield 1 has a better resolution on PS4. Others feel the Xbox One version has a more reliable frame rate. A gamer can switch from one console to the other and experience these things while playing different game levels.

Gamers will also appreciate the cross-generational capabilities of Battlefield 1. That means they can play the game with each other on different console versions such as PlayStation 5 and PS4.


With such a large game base and wide popularity, it’s easy to see why people are asking, ” Is Battlefield 1 Cross-Platform?” And the answer is only on Windows and X -Box One.

Only Nintendo Switch makes life easier for gamers by allowing them to play games on any device apart from tablets. But for other devices, cross-play is still an issue. 

Fans of Battlefield 1 should not expect any improvement in that aspect. However, the game is now free to play and own on different platforms. It’s now the right time for friends to enjoy cross-playing the game on Windows and Xbox One.

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