Is Astroneer Cross-Platform?

“Is Astroneer cross-platform?” That’s the question many people have been asking since its release on Nintendo Switch this year. Apart from Nintendo, the game is also available on Xbox One, PC, and PlayStation 4. With the release of a new version, people are now more interested in whether Astroneer supports cross-play or not.

Astroneer is a popular sandbox survival game that’s only cross-platform on Xbox  One and PC. It gives Xbox One and PC players special servers to enable cross-play on their platforms. Although Nintendo Switch and PS4 do not support cross-play on Astroneer, they have multi-player mode. Gamers can compete or collaborate with up to 4 players on it.

What is Astroneer?

Astroneer is an Indie space-themed game developed by System Era Softworks revolves around space exploration. Players take up the persona of someone who has signed up for a space flight through a company called Exo Dynamics. The focus is on exploring the galaxy alone or with friends.

Players move across open-world planets while uncovering precious resources and crafting materials. They also locate rare artifacts and items that make them rich along the way. As you go along, new worlds are generated. You can excavate vast tunnels and create megaliths; the world is your oyster.

The popular space exploration game supports up to four players. It is targeted at casual gamers who want a game that will give them fast progression.

Players of Astroneer are expected to run servers during the game. Servers can be rented through authorized dealers or purchased on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC. Astroneer also gives PC gamers a chance to host games on their official website.

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Astroneer gamers follow instructions from the game’s official website on how to connect their servers to the right platforms. For example, Xbox players are not allowed to link to a non – authenticated server.

Is Astroneer Cross-Platform?

Cross-play enables gamers to compete against each other or play a game together on different platforms. That means you can play a game with others on cross-play enabled platforms or switch from one to the other mid-play.

Fans may be disappointed to note that the recent Nintendo Switch version of Astroneer doesn’t support cross-play. It only supports cross-play on Xbox and PC consoles. Anyone looking to join a server with gamers on a platform that doesn’t support cross-play must switch consoles.

Players can send invites to friends on Xbox One and Windows to play with them. They can also find gamers to play with on the official Astroneer Discord by writing an invite on the channel.


If you’ve been asking, “Is Astroneer cross-platform?”. The answer is partially. The space adventure game is only cross-platform on PC and Xbox consoles. 

Therefore, Nintendo Switch players must compete with gamers on the same platform. Only Xbox One and PC players can switch from one device to another or compete with each other. 

However, the lack of total cross-play on Astroneer doesn’t take away from its exciting features. Gamers will enjoy going through different challenges playing the game on any platform.

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