Is “Gang Beasts” Cross-Platform?

Gang Beasts, which was officially released as an Early Access game on Steam, has quickly become one of the most popular games on Steam. However, the real question remains, Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Unfortunately, “Gang Beasts” is not currently cross-platform. However, the game developer has stated that they want to make it cross-platform. Still, they will have to see how it goes before committing to anything. This blog post will look at whether or not Gang Beasts is cross-platform and which platforms it supports.

What is Gang Beasts? 

Gang Beasts is a game that is all about fighting, punching, and beating people up. It is a multiplayer fighting game that can be played on the PC.

Boneloaf, a British developer, and Double Fine Productions, an American studio, worked together to develop the game. It was released on Steam in February of 2014 as part of Steam Early Access.

The game’s goal is to win each round by knocking out your opponent. You can do this by punching, kicking, throwing each other around, or even picking up objects off the ground (like barrels) and throwing them at your opponent! You can also use weapons such as swords or baseball bats to hurt your opponents!

You start out with one character who looks like an orange blob. Still, many other characters are available to unlock that look more attractive than him (like a cow).

There are several different modes available in Gang Beasts, such as Deathmatch, where you just fight against other players until they die, or Knockout, where you must knock out all your opponents before they do so themselves!

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You can also play Capture the Flag, where you must steal flags from one another and then return them back home to base safely without getting caught by others trying to stop.

Is Gang Beasts Cross-Platform?

Gang Beasts is not cross-platform, which means if you play on one platform—say, PC—you won’t be able to play with your friends who are playing on another platform like Xbox One or PS4.

Suppose you’re interested in playing against other players. In that case, you’ll need to ensure that they use the same platform and system as yourself.

The developers have said that they’re open to the idea that cross-platform play could be possible in the future. Still, they want to make sure players don’t get upset if someone on their team decides not to show up or drops out mid-match. They are also interested in making the game available on other platforms besides PC and consoles.


Will it ever be Cross-Platform? Maybe. Hopefully, yes. Currently, it does not offer cross-play functionality. Still, the team is committed to adding this feature as soon as possible.

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