Is 7 Days To Die Cross-Platform?

Is 7 days to Die Cross-platform? You may ask this question if you enjoy playing survival horror video games. As a gamer, it’s essential to enjoy your games on different platforms. That’s why video games that allow cross-play are more popular than those that don’t.

7 Days to Die is only cross-platform between consoles. That means players on PlayStation and Xbox can cross-play, but those on PC and PlayStation can’t. Gamers should not expect cross-play capabilities between consoles and PC because the company has stopped future updates on consoles. However, the next-gen consoles of the game could have cross-play capabilities.

You may be a fan of survival horror video games but have never heard of 7 Days to Die. Here is some information about it.

What Is 7 Days to Die?

7 Days to Die is a survival horror video game available on Windows, PlayStation, OS, and Linux. It revolves around players surviving a zombie apocalypse. You can enjoy the game solo or with friends on the same platform. 

The well-known Zombie survival game staged in a post-apocalyptic world was developed by The Fun Pimps Entertainment LLC. After the Third World War, it takes place as survivors try to live in a devastated world with zombies. 

Gamers have to choose between interacting and fighting each other for remaining resources while playing the game. They also have to fight zombies that mutate as the game continues.

The goal behind playing 7 Days to Die is to survive attacks from Zombies and fellow players. It’s a thrilling game that keeps players on the edge of their seats.

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Is 7 Days to Die Cross-Platform?

Cross-platform gaming enables people to play a game on different platforms. You could be on Windows while your friend is on PS5 and enjoy a game together. Cross-play allows gamers to appreciate the competitive nature of a game by matchmaking with better gamers on any platform.

7 Days to Die is not fully cross-platform enabled. That means cross-play capabilities are not available on all platforms. PC gamers cannot cross-play 7 Days to Die with those on consoles. Players on PC also can’t share data with those on consoles because the game is not cross-platform.

Only PlayStation and Xbox gamers can cross-play on 7 Days to Die. It enables gamers on Xbox Series X/S to cross-play with those on Xbox One. The same case applies to gamers with PS4 and PS5 consoles.

You may wonder why the popular fantasy horror game is not cross-platform enabled. The developers of 7 Days to Die refused to make the game cross-platform between consoles and PCs for security reasons. They also felt cross-playing between consoles and PCs would ruin the gaming experience for players because they have different controls.


If you’ve been asking, “Is 7 Days to Die Cross-platform?” you now have the answer. It’s only cross-play enabled on consoles. 

However, 7 Days to Die developers have hinted at including cross-play capabilities in next-gen consoles. They are currently working on security issues, such as adding anti-cheat features to make that possible. Xbox series X and PlayStation 5 gamers could see a PC cross-play compatible version of the game in the future.

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