Is Ark Survival Cross-Platform?

Is Ark survival cross-platform? If you are an Ark Survival enthusiast, you may ask that once in a while. It would be interesting to cross-play the game with friends on Xbox One, macOS, or Linux. You could even play it with them on IOS, Android, or Nintendo Switch. Cross-gaming makes it possible to connect with friends on a fantasy game while on different devices.

Ark Survival is a cross-compatible survival fantasy game you can play on Android, iOS, PC, and Xbox. That means players on Android can cross-play with iOS users. PC gamers can also play Ark Survival with Xbox players. However, due to special restrictions, the game is not cross-platform compatible between PlayStation or Xbox One consoles.

If you are a gamer but have no idea what Ark Survival is, here is some information on the popular game.

What is Ark Survival?

Ark Survival is a multiplayer fantasy game set on an island filled with hundreds of dinosaurs. Players must survive the dinosaurs and other dangers on the Island while crafting weapons to defend themselves. A 50 km by 50 km map of the Island helps them traverse the Island.

There are over 100 weapons to choose from on Ark Survival. The struggle for survival takes players through different environments. You see them overcome harsh weather and situations not only in jungles but also in deserts. All the while making allies and enemies while unlocking Tekgrams and Engram for accomplishing tasks.

Players have to go through 100 levels to complete Ark Survival. However, with danger lurking behind every corner, many players die every 30 seconds. The challenge lies in surviving all the hazards on the Island, including fellow players.

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Fans of Ark Survival will appreciate the need for teams in the game. It forces gamers to make alliances, friendships, and even tribes to survive. And since no one player can unlock all the levels and hidden treasures in the game, Ark survival is best played with friends.

Is Ark Survival Cross-Platform?

Cross-Platform Gaming allows players to enjoy a game while on different platforms. They can switch from one platform to the other without restrictions. Your friend could be on Xbox One while you are on PC, and you could play a game together or vice versa. It’s also possible to switch between devices as you play.

Ark survival is not cross-platform compatible between consoles. But it is cross-platform compatible for Android and iOS devices and Xbox and PC. If you need to play the game on PlayStation and PC, you have to buy a game for each platform. The same case applies if you need to play it on  PC and Mobile or PlayStation and Mobile.

One reason for Ark Survival’s partial cross-platform capabilities is using different software on devices. For example, it doesn’t use the same PHP version on Android as on PlayStation Network (PSN). The second reason is the rivalry between device manufacturers, as in the case of Nintendo Switch and PS4 developers.


Cross-gaming makes it possible to connect with friends on a fantasy game while on different devices. If you’ve been asking, “Is Ark Survival Cross-Platform?” The answer is only on some platforms.

However, Ark games evolve with every version, and new updates are always coming up. Therefore, the game could be cross-platform on all devices in the future.

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