Is Smite Cross-Platform?

A PlayStation user who wants to play Smite with a friend who owns an Xbox might ask, “Is Smite cross-platform?” In today’s world, gamers expect cross-platform support for their favorite games. However, some games are unable to provide this support. So, does Smite lack cross-platform play as well?

Yes, the Smite game does support cross-platform play. Cross-platform availability is a prime feature of Smite, and it is accessible to everyone, regardless of their platform.

Despite the game’s support for crossplay across most platforms since its launch, it’s only available on PS4 for the last two years.

What is Smite?

Smite is a popular multiplayer battle arena game. Smite has numerous game modes, but Conquest is the most popular. 

Various play styles are available, including Training, Custom, etc. You can sometimes play the game in special event modes with unlimited gold to spend, making Smite more enjoyable.

You can choose which god or figure you will control as a player. There are currently many characters from different pantheons that you can select. 

Each character belongs to a specific class. Two teammates can’t pick the same character. A unique characteristic of this MOBA is that it takes place from a third-person perspective rather than the usual top-down view. 

There are four basic attacks for each character. In addition, each character has a passive attribute, a special ability, and a form of an attribute.

Is Smite Cross-Platform?

Many people wonder whether Smite supports cross-platform or not since it is a great multiplayer game that people might want to play with their friends.

Luckily, playing Smite on multiple platforms is possible. A significant feature of Smite is its cross-platform accessibility. 

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As cross-platform gaming has become more and more popular, the developers of Smite have taken advantage of this demand and built the game to work across platforms. 

Therefore, console players and PC players can play together. Players have many options in Smite, which makes the game better. No matter what PC or console you’re using, playing with friends is easy.


The cross-platform feature allows all players to interact more effectively than if every platform operated independently. Additionally, cross-platform play allows for preserving smaller, less conventional gameplay.

The best part about Smite is that you can play it with friends on almost any platform without any limitations. With the cross-platform feature, players can enjoy a similar experience regardless of their platform.

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