Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform?

if you are familiar with Risk of Rain 2 and roguelike third-person shooter games, you may wonder, “Is Risk of Rain 2 cross-platform?” Even though roguelikes aren’t for everyone, the game genre does have a significant following.

Often complicated and tedious, these games are not ideal for beginners or impatient players. You must have come across Risk of Rain 2 if you are a fan of roguelike gaming. But does it support cross-platform play like other roguelike games?

There is no cross-platform play available for Risk of Rain 2. Therefore, all players on different platforms cannot play the Risk of Rain 2 together. The game has no such feature, and its developers have yet to confirm when they might add it.

What Is the Risk of Rain 2?

Risk of Rain 2 is an action game that involves playing like a roguelike third-person shooter. Like its predecessor, Risk of Rain 2 requires players to progress through various levels while eliminating enemies. 

This game includes a total number of survivors is 14, with two of them being exclusive to the expansion. Most survivors are obtainable by completing challenges associated with them. 

The Huntress and Commando are the only available survivors initially. Based on the survivor selected, characters also have unique strengths and weaknesses, making the gameplay unique. 

Risk of Rain 2 features several familiar characters and items from the first edition. A 3D environment is also available for you to experience new survivors.

Is Risk of Rain 2 Cross-Platform?

Playing Risk of Rain 2 cross-platform is not possible. Thus, different players on different platforms cannot play Risk of Rain 2 simultaneously. 

The game does not have a cross-platform feature, and its developers have yet to announce when it will be available. However, a few third-party software provide the capability to meet up and play on multiple devices for different games simultaneously. 

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Still, a game like Risk of Rain 2 does not offer this feature. If you all play Risk of Rain 2 on the same device, you will only be able to play together. Even though cross-platform features are unavailable, you shouldn’t give up hope. 

A cross-platform version of Risk of Rain 2 may be released soon. Players must kill aliens and find teleporters on each level. After activating a teleporter, the player will have to fight aliens and bosses. 

Aliens will drop various currency and experiences to the player after killing them. Whenever players gain enough experience, their level increases, increasing how much damage they can deal and increasing their maximum health.


Gamers expect their favorite games to support cross-platform gaming, which has become the standard. Games, however, may not always be able to support this feature. A game needs to have a large player base. 

If different platforms don’t have enough players, developers might find it necessary to keep them separate. The developers might likely introduce the Risk of Rain cross-platform in the next release.

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