Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

Many gamers have been wondering, “Can I play “The Forest” with my friends, or Is “The Forest” Cross-Platform?” When it comes to gaming and playing on multiple devices, being cross-platform is a big deal. Some games are exclusive to just one device, and others are available for many.

As it turns out, there is no cross-platform multiplayer option in “The Forest”. There are plans for a future update that will enable the feature, but we don’t have any information on when it will release. For now, gamers who want to play together should stick with their own console or PC platform.

Here’s everything we know so far. Is The Forest Cross-Platform?

What is “The Forest”?

The Forest is a survival horror video game developed and published by Endnight Games. It was released in April 2018, and initially built for play on Microsoft systems. However, in November 2018 the game was ported, allowing gamers to play the game on PS4. Having sold over 5 million copies by 2019, it is undoubtedly a commercial success.

The Forest challenges players to last as long as possible in a forest inhabited by twisted, mutant humans who attack trespassers. It will feel familiar to similar games for many players.

Still, its setting and horrifying monsters give it a fresh flavor. It plays like other survival games in many ways, but its unique location makes it stand out.

To succeed, you need to hunt animals, gather resources, and build structures that will help you keep yourself safe from enemies at night.

Players are given no instructions when they start playing, so they have to figure things out for themselves, which adds to The Forest’s appeal.

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Is “The Forest” Cross-Platform?

There is no cross-platform multiplayer option in “The Forest”. Therefore, to play this game with your friends, you’ll all have to play it on the same platform. If you have one friend who has an Xbox One and another friend who has a PS4, they won’t be able to play together.

However, there are ways around it. For example, if you’re playing online with someone who owns a different console than you, you both own PCs (or laptops).

Instead of using controllers or televisions, you can use Steam’s Big Picture Mode feature to play with them over your computer screen. You can also use voice chat programs like Discord or Skype to communicate with them while playing.

These methods aren’t ideal for everyone, and some people may not even have access to computers or laptops at home. Because of these issues, most players would prefer proper cross-platform support from developers. That way, there’s no need for a work around because your friend’s console isn’t the same as yours. 

Furthermore, The Forest is compatible with PS4 and PS5, meaning that you can play with friends who are playing on either console.

Many people have been waiting for this to happen, so it’s good news that the developers have finally confirmed it. Cross-platform play is worth being on the lookout for if you’re a fan of the game!


The developers can make the game cross-platform, but it hasn’t been. You and your friends must all use the same platform in order to play together.

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So, if you’re both playing the game on PC that would work. That said, you may be able to play the game on the PS4 and PS5 platforms simultaneously.

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