Is The Game Granny Based On A True Story?

The Granny game’s story is so horrific and immersive that players often wonder: Is the game Granny based on a true story? Gamers often play horror games to experience the exhilarating gameplay, and Granny is one of them. Despite its horror nature, gamers enjoy playing Granny. 

When playing Granny, many gamers question if the story depicted in the game reflects real-life events. And the answer is yes. The game Granny is based on a true story. The game represents the story of a girl named Granny, born in South America and living with her family. After losing her family, she went crazy and became a zombie, killing and torturing people.

Is The Game Granny Based On A True Story?

There is a real story behind the Granny game. Granny lived with her mom and dad in South Africa; they were so poor. Her father stole money and ran away to isolate them. 

But, one day, some people knocked on the door and asked for her father. They came in and shot her parents. Granny passed through a tiny hole of home and ran into the forest. 

They left all terrorist voices behind who were pondering for her. Suddenly, she saw a mansion, she entered, but no one was there. Then she saw a man Charlie and his wife Eva were eating. 

There was Krause too. In the middle of the night, when everyone was sleeping, Krause suddenly began to scream with weird sounds. Granny got scared and left the mansion. 

Then she went back home; destroyed everything. Granny saw a bat and took it. Then at 18 years old, she started to work in a bar. Granny had impressive communication skills, so she was promoted to cook. 

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She met a waiter named Grandpa. After some time, both got married. Both worked hard to rebuild their parent’s homes. Then they spent their wedding day there and gave birth to a daughter named Angelene.

One day, Grandpa went into the forest to gather wood but mistakenly entered the mansion where Krause came up from the darkness and bit him on the chest. He died. She had lost another close one. 

After seven years, a little boy named Simon Slenderman came to her door and told her that he had lost his parents, turning her into a Zombie. 


In five days, Granny’s horror game is adorned with plenty of things to run away from the granny’s puzzle house. The game’s plot is vague at the start, as it begins with the players running in the woods to avoid any attack from the granny. 

Players are not the first person that granny will trap. Players can escape by eliminating locks from the front door or repairing the vehicle in the garage. 

There are various traps and hinders that granny uses to kill the players. Therefore, it offers such an immersive experience that players hook themselves into the gameplay. You can get different Granny chapters on your PC and enjoy the exhilarating gaming experience.

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