When Xbox Is Off, Turn Off Storage

Have you noticed the “When Xbox is off, turn off storage” message and wondered what it means? Many unique features in Xbox are unknown to users. One such option is “when Xbox is off, turn off storage. So, what does it mean?

You may notice that your Xbox will be running downloads in the background if you have used it for a while. Playing on your console while keeping it updated is a nice feature. It is what the “Xbox is off, turn off storage” feature indicates. While this feature has some shortcomings, it offers several benefits.

Reasons To Use “When Xbox Is Off, Turn Off Storage” Feature

Reason 1: Control Unsupervised Downloads

It’s mighty convenient to run updates in the background even when your Xbox is off. Still, it means you won’t be able to monitor some of the updates your console receives. 

It’s not uncommon for users to want to avoid pointless software updates that change their settings they don’t want to change, so you can use such an option.

Reason 2: Save From Data Loss

Since the invention of saving games, consoles have warned users not to turn their devices off while a game is saving. 

It is common for your saved data to become corrupted if you do not follow this advice, resulting in the loss of tons of potential progress. 

You can turn off the Xbox Storage option if your console is off. It will freeze your precious data until it is powered back on.

Why Should You Turn Off the “When Xbox Is Off, Turn Off Storage” Option?

When you use your Xbox for gaming and connectivity, it can throttle download speeds so that you can continue to play while downloads are happening. 

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While your Xbox is off, you can use all its bandwidth to download games faster, which is the exact opposite of when it’s on. 

Also, during some situations, you may have to pause your gaming to finish your download. The solution is to let the console rest while the updates download. 

While the console is off, you will download any future updates, so very little additional work is needed afterward. 

With this update, you can start playing immediately without worrying about whether your performance will suffer if a download comes in. 


Playing your favorite games on Xbox is exciting but maintaining them and ensuring their durability is more challenging. 

The hidden functions will double your fun and make the game more enjoyable. An excellent way to maintain Xbox’s internal storage and update the software when necessary is to turn off storage when Xbox is off.

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