Pike Stardew Valley

In Pike Stardew Valley, fishing is a valuable talent and a lucrative business. Players can catch fish using a fishing rod or putting a crab pot in the water. You can catch different types of fish in each season: fall, winter, spring, and summer. You can breed fish in your farm’s fishponds, which will give you additional fish and a range of helpful products.

Where and How to Find Pike in Stardew Valley

Pike is a type of fish that can be caught through fishing. Pike can be found in the River, Forest Pond, in all kinds of weather, during summer and winter. Players can also catch the Pike on the Riverland Farm and in the Forest Farm’s large pond. Magic Bait can be used to catch Pike at any time of year. 

Casting starts when you decide to use your fishing rod and determines how far your fishing line will be thrown across the lake. 

Try to cast as far as possible because the length of your cast has a small impact on the type and quality of the fish you catch.

A pike can be from 15 to 61 inches in length. It can be purchased for $100 for the base quality, 125 for the silver quality, and 150 for the gold quality. When ingested, you will experience a 38-percent increase in energy and a 17-percent increase in health.

Uses of Pike in Stardew Valley


The Pike has several uses, including gifting it to villagers, although only a few would be okay with it. Villagers who would likely appreciate the fish include Demetrius, Leo, Elliot, Linus, Pam, Sebastian, and Willy. Every other villager either dislikes the fish or totally hates it. Evelyn, Pierre, and Haley are examples of people you don’t want to offer a Pike.

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Pike can be used to make the Fishing Vest in the Sewing Machine’s spool. It can be used as a yellow dye at Emily and Haley’s home at 2 Willow Lane. This is where the dye pots are kept.


Pike can be kept in a Fishpond and spawn every three days. The pond’s original capacity is three fish, but it can be extended to ten by completing three tasks. The primary product is yellow Pike Roe, starting at population 9; however, Bug Meat is also possible.

Recipes & Other Uses

Players can use the Pike in three different recipes, of which they merely require any type of fish. The recipes include:

Maki Roll: This describes fish and rice wrapped up in seaweed. It restores energy to 100 and health to 45. Its other ingredients include Seaweed and Rice (1). Players can get this recipe by watching the Queen of Sauce in year one. For 300g, players can obtain the recipe from the Stardrop Saloon.

Sashimi: Sashimi is uncooked fish cut into thin slices. It restores energy to 75 and health to 33 percent. A player gets the recipe when he has developed a relationship with Linus to level 3.

Quality Fertilizer: This enhances soil quality, improving your opportunity to grow excellence crops when combined with ploughed soil. A player can get this recipe when at level 9 of farming. Other ingredients needed include two saps.


Supply of the item: One Pike can be ordered at the “Help Wanted” board which is located in front of Pierre’s General Store at any time of the year for a prize of 300g and 150 Friendship points.

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Fishing: During the summer or winter, Willy or Demetrius may ask for one to four pikes at the vacancy board outside Pierre’s General Store for a reward of 100g for each fish. (The fish is yours to keep.)


Because it’s not immediately evident how fishing works, it’s perhaps seen as the most challenging component of Stardew Valley. Worse, players may become disappointed if a difficult-to-catch fish arrives on their line early in the game, when they were never supposed to be capable of capturing it. Hopefully, this can change with this guide. Have a great game!

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