Stardew Valley Rainbow Trout

Stardew Valley is an RPG, a life simulator, and an agricultural tycoon all rolled into one. But the Stardew Valley rainbow trout stands out in this one. 

Rainbow Trout are a variety of fish found in rivers around Cindersap Forest, Pelican Town, and a big lake near the mountain north of town. This enormous, colorful fish is helpful in various situations, but it is rare and difficult to obtain. However, it’s best to use an Iridium Rod with either a Cork or Trap Bobber to catch this fish successfully.

On the surface, farming games aren’t as popular as they should be. After all, why would you want to engage in a simulation of activities such as farming, crop harvesting, ore mining, fishing, and so on? But it’s the thrill of being able to make something beautiful while also building friendships and relationships that draws people in.

Where and How to Catch Rainbow Trout

Only in the summer and on sunny days can you catch Rainbow Trout. Between 6 am and 7 pm, you can see it in any river in Pelican Town or the mine’s mountain lake. The Rainbow Trout yields between 18 and 30 fishing XP depending on the quality, despite being a difficult catch (base, silver, gold, and iridium). It comes in sizes ranging from 10 to 26 inches.

To make catching Rainbow Trout easier, use either the Iridium Rod or the Iridium Rod with a Cork Bobber or a Trap Bobber connected. The little bar that appears above your hand when you initiate this action determines the length of your cast. A line that moves from red to green can be found within this bar.

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When the bar is as green as possible, it’s best to cast. This will increase your casting distance and allow you the opportunity to make a ‘Max’ cast. The term ‘Max’ will show on the screen when a cast member is ‘Max.’ Try to cast as far as possible because the length of your cast has a small impact on the fish you cast and the quality of the fish you cast.

Uses of the Rainbow Trout

The Rainbow Trout can then be used in a variety of ways, from recipes to quests to customizing apparel.


The Rainbow Trout has numerous applications; for example, it can be given to villages, albeit this is not encouraged because none of them enjoy or love it. Except for Elliot, Pam, Demetrius, Sebastian, Willy, Linus, and Leo, who are all merely ambivalent about the fish, every villager dislikes or hates it. Evelyn, Harley, and Pierre despise it.


The Rainbow Trout can also be used in four different recipes. One explicitly calls for the trout, and the others merely require any type of fish.

The only recipe that requires it is Trout Soup, which you may get by viewing The Queen of Sauce on your television at home in Year 1 on the 14th day of Fall. Once your farmhouse has a kitchen, you can make Trout Soup by combining one Rainbow Trout with one Green Algae.

The Maki Roll, Quality Fertilizer, and Sashimi are the other three recipes for which it (or any other fish) can be used. They all call for a single fish of any type.

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Rainbow Trout has a starting price of 65 gold when purchased in standard quality. Quality: Silver Rainbow Trout costs 81 gold, Gold Quality costs 97 gold, and Iridium Quality costs 130 gold. Rainbow Trout (and all other fish) will be 25 percent and 50 percent more expensive to sell if you are a Fisher or an Angler.


You can build a Fish Shirt with the Rainbow Trout in the machine’s spool after unlocking the sewing machine in Emily and Haley’s residence. The Trout Soup can also be combined with the spool to make the undyeable Ranger Uniform.


The Rainbow Trout can also be found on the “Help Wanted” or “Special Orders” boards in three different quests. Every summer, one of the villagers on the Help Wanted board can request a single Rainbow Trout for 195 gold and 150 friendship points with the matching villager.

In addition, throughout the summer, Willy or Demetrius can request one to four of the fish on the Help Wanted board at random. You’ll get 65 gold per fish as a reward, and you’ll get to keep them once the mission is completed.

Demetrius can ask for 10 Rainbow Trout at random during the summer after unlocking the Special Orders board in front of Lewis’ house. You gain 1,500 gold for accomplishing his request, plus you get to keep the fish at the end of the task.


Rainbow Trout can also be placed in a Fishpond, where they will spawn every two days. Once the pond population reaches nine or above, they will predominantly produce Roe. Still, they may also make Rainbow Shells and Prismatic Shards on rare occasions. The Fishpond can only store three fish at first, but players can accomplish three quests to expand its capacity to ten fish.

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Finally, you can display the Rainbow Trout in your home by putting it in a Fish Tank. Fish Tanks are available in various sizes and styles and can be purchased from Willy’s shop or the Furniture Catalogue.

Stones, Coral, Seaweed, and other smaller aquatic species like Snails and Clams can all be used to embellish the tank. As players level up, there are five legendary fishes to get, and each of them has hats to distinguish them.


Stardew Valley is, no doubt, one of the most exciting simulation agricultural games around. This article should help walk through the Stardew Valley rainbow trout worry easily. Good luck with your adventures!

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