Stardew Valley Void Salmon

One of the many great things about Stardew Valley is that there’s always something new to discover, even after playing for hundreds of hours. For example, did you know you can catch Void Salmon in the secret underwater cave?

This is a deep-red colored fish prized by collectors for their unusual appearance, and they can fetch a hefty price at the Fish Shop. We can catch this fish in the Skull Cavern, and it is one of the rarer fish in the game. But be warned: a fearsome monster guards the cave, so you’ll need to be well-prepared before venturing inside. 

Luckily, we’ve got all the tips and tricks you need to catch yourself a Void Salmon.

What is a Void Salmon?

While playing Stardew Valley, you may have come across a fish called the Void Salmon. The Void Salmon is silver with black spots and has a distinctive black stripe down its back. We can sell it at a high price, making it a valuable catch for any angler.

However, the Void Salmon is not just valuable for its monetary value. This fish also has unique properties, making it useful for several tasks. For example, the Void Salmon can be used to craft Void Mayonnaise, containing special powers that allow you to tackle tough monsters.

Having said that, the Void Salmon can be used to fertilize crops, making it a valuable tool for any farmer. Whether you’re looking to make some money or just want to help your farm, the Void Salmon is a fish worth catching.

The Void Salmon fish size varies from 24-to 66 inches. As for their pricing, their base price starts from 150g, 187g for silver quality, and 225g for the gold standard. And, when you consume them, you can expect a reward of 63 energy and 28 health points.

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Where to Find Void Salmon in Stardew Valley?

After completing the Dark Talisman Quest, we can find Void Salmon in the Witch’s Swamp. Dark pools of water attract these fish, and you can catch them with a Fishing Rod. 

What’s the good news? You can nab these fish at any time regardless of the weather condition.

How To Catch A Void Salmon

Since Void Salmon fish has a difficulty rating of 80, it’s difficult to catch one. Use an iridium rod, trap bobbers, pole, and bait to enhance your chances of foraging a Void Salmon. This equipment can be handy, especially when you’re reeling around the first time.

These fish are of a high standard, so it requires meticulous effort when you catch one. A good idea is to stand at the correct spot near the door of the witch’s hut. Now, grab one having a tile with red spots on it. The next thing to do is face the water and keep casting until you have finally nabbed the Void Salmon.

What to do with Void Salmon?

Void salmon can also feed certain animals, such as pigs and chickens. In addition, you can use Void Salmon as bait traps, making it a valuable resource for hunters and trappers.

While Void Salmon may not be the most exciting fish in Stardew Valley, it is still a valuable commodity that you can use very well.

Crafting of Void Salmon Fish

Here’s how you craft Void Salmon.

  • You can cook Void Salmon in 3 basic recipes: Maki Roll, Sashimi, and Quality Fertilizer.
  • You can also produce fishing hats with sewing machines and purple dyes in Emily and Haley’s house.
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Farming of Void Salmon Fish

Here’s how you farm Void Salmon.

  • Place Void Salmon in a fishing pond to reproduce fish. These fish also produce a variety of lucrative items.


That’s all! We hope you have a great understanding of the dynamics of the Void Salmon. Undoubtedly, this elusive fish is tough to catch, but what else do you need when you have these tips? Simply follow them and make the game more interesting for you.

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