Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout  

Stardew Valley Fighter or Scout is a crucial decision in level 5 because getting it right improves your overall gameplay. We know that deciding which way to go can be tricky, so we are here to make it hassle-free for you. 

The Fighter profession offers tangible and consistent bonuses that get the job done. Your 10% attack damage stacks up with a 15% bonus at level 10 for a solid 25% damage if picked alongside Brute. Plus, it comes with +15HP to ensure you’re not exposed. Scout’s Crit chance bonus is multiplicative and thus insignificant. Worse still, Scout provides no HP. 

As a good player, you will work diligently to level up your skills. You will pick some rewards along the way, and these will all be useful for your combat skill. Note that no tool proficiency is earned by leveling up the combat skill.

Grab your favorite cup of joe, and let’s kick this off!

Should I Become a Fighter or Scout in Stardew Valley?  

This is an interesting question that all players keen on going far with this mini-game will have to contend with. 

To answer the question, it’s essential to look at what’s on offer and the advantages one profession has over the other. It is also essential to have the future in mind (level 10) as you choose a profession in level 5

However, you don’t need to be worried about the rewards and recipes to be unlocked from levels 6 to 9. The decision at level 5 doesn’t affect them, and in case you are not aware, these recipes can be beneficial. 

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Stardew Valley Fighter Profession 

As mentioned above, you will get the chance to choose the fighter profession at level 5. The fighter profession is offensive and has some defensive elements (HP). If you chose this profession at level 5, you’d be entitled to 10% attack damage on all attacks and 15+ HP. 

Stardew Valley Fighter Specializations 

The Stardew valley Fighter profession has two specialization options for you to consider in level 10, namely Brute and Defender. 

Let’s look at these 2 pathways to get a glimpse of what they offer and possible pros and cons. You will notice that one is attack-minded and the other one is very defensively minded.

The Brute Specialization 

The Brute offers a 15% damage increase which stacks up with the first damage bonus to give you 25%. This is consistent and pretty solid by all standards. If you are the more offensive type, Brute will fit you perfectly. 

Let’s have a look at the other Fighter Specialization. 

The Defender Specialization 

As the name suggests, the Defender specialization focuses more on defending yourself from attack. A defender has a +25HP increase which stakes up with the +15HP at level 5 to give you a remarkable +40HP. If you are more defensive in your approach, you will naturally go for the Defender specialization. You will have attack damage of 10% from level 5 and +40 HP at your disposal.

Choosing between a Brute and a Defender will be dictated by your approach to the game. But the Fighter and Defender combination (+10% and +40 HP) is so cautious for my liking. I want to go out there and bring down the damn monsters. And for your information, you will need more firepower for the end game. This is because monsters with superior HP and defense are found further in the mines. 

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Stardew Valley Scout Profession

Compared to the Fighter, the Scout profession is an entirely different path. A Scout is a combat professional who focuses more on special moves of his weapons and critical strike. 

This profession is unlocked at level 5, just as its compatriot. The scout profession gives you what seems like a hefty critical hit bonus. But before you wax lyrical about it, do the math. 

The 50% critical hit bonus offered is multiplicative and not additive. In simple terms, the bonus increases the base critical chance by half. This would be great news if the base critical rate was reasonable. But it’s far from being one, as it’s just 2%. Therefore, half of 2% is 1%, so you end up with 3%. In other words, 2% plus the 1% increment.

The scout profession does not provide any Health Points, leaving you vulnerable to diseases and attacks. 

Stardew Valley Scout Specializations 

Level up to level 10, and you will get an opportunity to choose between Acrobat and Desperado. I find the names of these two professions interesting but never mind. Let’s look at what each of them offers. 

The Acrobat Specialization 

If you choose the acrobat profession, the cooldown is halved. This means you will be able to use special moves two times more than before. That is, if you know how to use them in the first place. 

The Desperado Specialization 

The Desperado specialization causes the critical strike to do more damage. The critical hit damage is doubled and, therefore, more lethal. Desperado is good for you if you are not into using the special moves of your weapons. 

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The combat skill is just as important as other skills in Stardew valley. It affects health, attack stats, and weapons. Be sure to make good use of recipes unlocked in levels 1 to 4 and 6 to 9. This is because they are deliberately provided to help you firm up your combat skill. For instance, a Scout will find Life Elixir very useful because it restores your health no matter how low it is. A Scout will need it more because it has no HP for protection. 

If you make a wrong decision at level 5, you can get some sort of redemption from the Stature of Uncertainty. But you must be able and willing to part with 10,000g. That should underscore how important it is to get your professional decisions right. We hope this article will help you get it right the first time.  

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