Walleye In Stardew Valley

Catching a walleye in Stardew Valley is another quest that gamers need to complete in the game. If you wish to succeed in the game, you must find out where and how to catch a walleye. Once you gather all the necessary information, you will find it simple to complete the quest.

A walleye is a light brown-colored fish with a white stomach. Catching the fish is necessary to complete the Night Fishing Bundle. Thankfully, you can find walleye fish in different parts of the valley. This means that you do not require much effort to find a walleye. However, it would help if you waited until the rainy fall season to find a walleye fish successfully. 

This article will provide some tips on catching a walleye in Stardew Valley and what to do with the fish.

Walleye in Stardew Valley

The walleye is a freshwater fish. You can catch a walleye only during nighttime. The fish has a smooth behavior and is available after reaching the difficulty level 45 in the game. An average walleye fish ranges from 10 inches to 41 inches. Although it is not tough to catch a walleye, you need to follow rigorous weather and time restrictions.

Where to Find Walleye in Stardew Valley

Unlike most other fish in the game, a walleye in Stardew Valley is available in four locations. These include Mountain Lake, the river, your Farm Pond, and the Cindersap Forest Pond. Walleyes are available between 12 pm and 2 am either during the fall on rainy days or during the winter season using a rain totem. However, if you wish to catch a walleye outside restrictions, you must use the Magic Bait.

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Apart from the usual technique, there are other ways to catch walleyes. You can purchase them for 315 to 1,000 gold coins each at the Traveling Cart. You may also find a walleye inside garbage cans spread across Pelican Town during the winter and fall seasons if you are lucky enough.

How to Catch Walleye in Stardew Valley

Amongst all the locations discussed to catch a walleye, the best spot is the Cindersap Forest Pond. Suppose you decide to catch a walleye in Stardew Valley at this spot during the rainy fall season. In that case, there will be a 32% possibility of getting a walleye on your fishing line.

Walleyes can be pretty challenging to find. However, to maximize your chances of catching one during your first attempt, you need to use the proper fishing rods and other tools.

Tips or Special Equipment Required

If you use an ordinary fishing rod to catch walleyes, the chances are that you will need a lot of time and patience to catch one. If you want to catch walleyes, you should use an iridium fishing pole, trap bobbers, and suitable bait.

Walleye Sale Prices

If you wish to earn some money with your walleye, you can sell it in the local market. Walleyes can fetch you some money depending upon the quality of the fish. For example, if you catch a usual one, you can sell it for 105 gold coins. On the other hand, if the walleye in Stardew Valley’s quality is iridium, you can earn 210 gold coins after selling it. Other qualities of the fish are silver and gold.

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Other Uses of a Walleye

When you catch a walleye, you can use it for two separate bundles in the Community Center. These bundles are the remixed Quality Fish Bundle and the Night Fishing Bundle in the Fish Tank. However, if you want to catch a walleye for the former bundle, you need a gold-quality walleye.

Other players might ask for a walleye on the Help Wanted board during the fall or the winter months. This is also a kind of quest. Completing this quest will fetch you 150 friendship points and 315 gold coins.


The walleye in Stardew Valley is a freshwater fish primarily available at night. Therefore, walleyes are extremely important to complete various bundles, such as the Night Fishing Bundle and the remixed Quality Fish Bundle. The average size of walleyes ranges from 10 inches to 41 inches.

Walleyes are available in various parts of the valley, such as Mountain Lake, your Farm Pond, the Cindersap Forest Pond, and the river. This fish is available between 12 pm and 2 am on rainy days during the fall season or in winter with the help of a rain totem.

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