Tilapia In Stardew Valley

Tilapia in Stardew Valley is one of the several fish you need to catch while playing the game. Stardew Valley is a pretty popular fishing simulator game that has gained immense popularity. It is a simple yet engaging game with several fascinating in-game features. Your character in the game inherits a farm from his grandfather, and you earn your revenues through fishing and farming activities.

Tilapia in Stardew Valley is one of the rare fish in the game. Many players struggle to catch a tilapia after spending a long time finding one. Some even choose a Perch or a Largemouth Bass, which are pretty common types of fish. We shall discuss tilapia, where to find the fish, and when is the best time of the year and day to catch one.

Where to Find Tilapia?

Unlike most other types of fish, the tilapia in Stardew Valley is available in several places across the town. You can find tilapia on the shores of Ginger Island and in the Pelican Town Ocean. Of the two locations, the beaches of Ginger Island will be much easier for you. It is one of the several islands from the Fern Islands archipelago.

You will find yourself lucky when you fish for tilapia along the western and northern shores of Ginger Island. The best time of the year to catch tilapia is during the Summer and Fall seasons. On the other hand, you can also find tilapia in Stardew Valley on the Pelican Town beach that connects with the ocean.

Although it may not seem as simple as fishing for a tilapia on Ginger Island, you can still manage to find one during the Summer and Fall seasons. Wherever you decide to fish for a tilapia, the best time would be between 6 am and 2 pm. There are no restrictions on weather conditions when you fish for tilapia.

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You may also find tilapia at the Krobus Shop if you are lucky. Although the shop rarely sells tilapia, it does no harm to try your luck on Wednesdays. At the same time, you may find tilapia on sale on the Travelling Cart. Unfortunately, this is also a rare occasion, and it costs a lot of gold coins to buy one.

How to Catch Tilapia?

The average size of a tilapia is between 11 inches and 31 inches. Catching such a big fish demands proper skills, tools, and knowledge. It is good to know that there is no difference between fishing for tilapia in Stardew Valley and fishing for other fish types.

If you struggle to catch a tilapia, it might be due to your low skill level. Better drop the idea of fishing for a tilapia until later in the game when you improve your fishing skills.

Tips or Special Equipment Required

It would help if you had all the tips to fish for tilapia in Stardew Valley. Using any ordinary fishing pole might not be suitable when fishing for tilapia. You will require an iridium rod to get the best results. It will not be a bad idea to attach a bobber to the rod. Better opt for either the Trap Bobber or the Cork Bobber.

You can also try alternating an ordinary bait with the wild bait. Once the tilapia latches onto the bait, you will hear the fishing meter alert. It is important to remember that the timing of the reeling is critical. If your timing is perfect, you will taste success at catching a tilapia.

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Uses of Tilapia

Like any other fish, the tilapia in Stardew Valley has several uses for you. You can prepare delicious recipes, such as maki roll and sashimi. You can also use the fish in the spool of your Sewing Machine to make a dyeable Sailor Shirt. If these do not seem like good options, you can place the fish in your Fishpond and see them multiply. Tilapia reproduces every two days.


Stardew Valley is a pretty popular fishing and farming simulator game. There are several quests in the game wherein you will be asked to catch a specific type of fish. One of them is the tilapia in Stardew Valley. The fish is considered one of the rarest in the game and is available during the Summer and Fall seasons on Ginger Island and the Pelican Town beach.

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