Stardew Valley Fishing Guide 

We have compiled this Stardew Valley Fishing Guide to help you get the best out of your fishing mini-game. Fishing is one of the skills you can level up in Stardew Valley, and it’s undoubtedly gratifying. If you’ve been trying to fish with little success, worry not because we’re here to help you fish like a pro.

To level up your skills quickly, you need to know where, when, and how to catch fish in Stardew Valley. Use fiberglass rod and bait, but once you unlock the Iridium rod, start using Bait and Tackle and master casting and catching. At level 5, select Fisher or Trapper profession, and at level 10, select between Angler/Pirate and Mariner/Lure Master. Fisher/Angler option seems more rewarding.

Fishing Equipment 

You can fish at any time and in any season in the waters of Stardew valley. However, you’ll probably have to start on day two because that’s when Willy will give you a Bamboo rod. Also, you can buy a training rod from Willy’s Shop for 25g. But be warned that it will only catch common fish. The Bamboo rod is better than the training rod, but it has its limitations. 

Iridium and Fiberglass Rods 

At level 2, you can acquire a fiberglass rod for 1800g from Willy’s Shop. Fiberglass is superior to the Bamboo rod and nearly as effective as the Iridium rod because you can use bait with both. But you will find it challenging to catch Legendary Fish with a fiberglass rod because it cannot be equipped with tackle. You will need to level up to unlock the iridium rod in level 6. 

Bait and Tackle 

After getting a good quality rod, the following two things that come to mind equipment-wise are Bait and Tackle. We discuss them below.


Bait is equipment that decreases the time it takes fish to bite, enabling you to catch fish faster. There are different types of bait with distinct purposes. We discuss them below. 

Bait: decreases the time it takes fish to bite, thus enabling you to catch fish faster. It also minimizes the possibility of catching trash instead of fish. 

Magnet:  you are likely to find treasure when using this kind of bait. 

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Wild Bait: Apart from catching fish faster, this bait makes it possible to get a double catch when you fish.  


In Stardew Valley, Tackle is equipment that makes fishing easier and improves the quality of the catch. There is a wide variety to choose from based on the effect you are looking for. 

For instance, a Barbed Hook secures your catch by causing the Fishing bar to cling to your line. Cork Bobber increases the size of your fishing bar, and Dressed Spinner increases the bite rate when fishing. And Trap Bobber helps to sustain your fishing bar.  

Barbed Hook and Dress Spinner go for 1000g each, while Cork Bobber and Trap Bobber goes for 750g and 500g, respectively. Other Tackles include Lead Bobber, Spinner, Quality Bobber, Treasure Hunter, and Curiosity Lure. 

Most of these Tackle are unlocked in level 6 and level 8. But there are some you can unlock by performing specific tasks. Either way, you’ll have the option of buying or crafting except for the Curiosity Lure. 

To acquire Curiosity lure, you have to break boxes and barrels in the Quarry Mine, Skull Cavern, or the Volcano Dungeon. 

Note that tackles last for 20 uses. Once it’s depleted, you can buy it from Willy’s Fish Shop or craft one yourself. 

How to Fish in Stardew Valley 

Different types of fish can be caught at different times, seasons, and water bodies. Fishing in Stardew value involves casting and catching. 


To cast, move to the water body where the type of fish you’re seeking to catch can be found. Attach your bait to the rod by opening your inventory, locating and clicking bait, then left-clicking the rod. 

When casting, you need to decide how far you will throw your fishing line out. A small bar will appear above your hand when you cast. This line has a bar that moves back and forth from red to green. And its work is to determine your cast length. You are supposed to cast when the cast is a strong green to afford you a longer casting distance. 

After casting, wait for an exclamation mark that will appear above your avatar’s head. If you reel in your fish successfully, “Hit” will appear on the screen. 

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When the fish is on the line, you need to take note of two things. These include the Fish bar on the left and the Progress bar on the right. The former contains your potential catch, which will be moving up and down the bar. The movement speed will depend on how difficult it is to catch the fish. 

The Fish bar has a green rectangle that you will be controlling as you attempt to catch the fish. This bar is called a Fishing bar. You control the fishing bar by pressing, holding, and realizing the “Use Tool” button. Pressing raises the fishing bar, holding keeps it in position, and releasing drops the bar.  

The progress bar indicates how close or far you are to catching the fish. Green means you are doing great, while red means you are losing the battle. The progress bar will increase and reduce throughout the game. 

Perfect Catch 

To catch fish, you need to keep the fish within the fishing bar until the progress bar is full. And if you can keep the fish within the fishing bar throughout the mini-game, that’s a perfect catch. A perfect catch is superior and adds quality to your experience. 

To be successful in catching fish, you need to study Fish behavior. There are 5 different behavior of fish in Stardew Valley. These include moving with a random pattern (darting), faster downward acceleration (sinker), and basic movement (mixed). And steady slow pattern (smooth) and faster upward acceleration (floater).

Generally, fish that are slow and predictable in their movement are easier to catch than spontaneous and quick fish. For quality experience and optimum rewards, go for darters and sinkers.

Legendary Stardew Fish

Stardew valley has fish that are considered legendary. They are challenging to catch and are only found in some places, often hidden beneath the waters in Stardew valley. You will know that you have caught legendary fish if it shows up with a bit of crown on the icon. Once you catch a legendary fish, it will not appear again on the same save file.  

Legendary fish in Stardew Valley include Crimson Fish, Angler, Legend, Glacier Fish, and Mutant Carp. All legendary fish except Mutant Carp require a fishing level to fish.

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To catch legendary fish, you need to work on your fishing skills and use bait and tackle. And take your time to understand how they behave.  

Legendary fish II are younger generations of the original legendary fish. They can only be caught when Mr. Qi’s quest for “Extended Family” is still active. 

Fishing Professions 

Every time you take part in a fishing mini-game, you increase your fishing skill, reflecting on your fishing level. It would be boring to have nothing to aspire to, so there are 10 fishing levels to keep you motivated. Every level has its reward, such as unlocking an item or accessing a specific recipe. 

Like mining, you will have to decide which professional path to take at level 5. You have two options: Fisher or Trapper. The Fisher profession increases the value of your catch by 25%, while the Trapper profession reduces requirements to make crab pots. At level 10, you decide between two specialization options in the Fisher and Trapper professions. These are Angler and Pirate and Mariner and Lure Master, respectively. 

As an Angler, you get a 50% increase in the price of fish caught. And as a Pirate, you have twice the time to find treasure when fishing. Regarding the Trapper specializations, the Mariner’s crab pots never catch trash, whereas the Lure Master doesn’t need to bait crab pots. 

The Fisher/Angler option seems lucrative because you can make some good cash while boosting your museum collection. The Trapper/Mariner has reasonable rewards, but the Lure Master seems less promising.  


The fishing skill is crucial because it enables you to help the community solve problems, make friends, and support local businesses. And every time your Fishing Level increases, you unlock new rewards. To become a good angler, get proper equipment, always strive to increase your fishing level, and study the behavior of fish.  

Once you unlock level 6, try to catch legendary fish, which will afford you a better experience and value. When it comes to fishing professions, choose one that suits your overall game strategy. The Fisher/Angle profession has the potential to make a profit in the short and long run. 

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