Botanist Or Tracker In Stardew Valley

Becoming a Botanist or Tracker in Stardew Valley is a decision you will make at level 10 of the Foraging mini-game. The specialization you take will significantly depend on your gameplay. But it is equally important to look at the specialization that will maximize rewards for your late game. 

Botanist is better than Tracker because it gives you surety that your foraged items will always be of iridium quality. Iridium quality products are very pricey and will make a lot when sold. The Tracker specialization doesn’t seem to offer real value because you don’t need help to locate forgeable items. But if Gathering is not your thing, a Tracker will be ideal.

As foraging skills improve, so will your ability with an Axe. And when this happens, it means that your Axe will require less energy to use.  

Felling trees and gathering plant food and materials is the best approach to unlocking your foraging skill in the game. And there are many simple tasks you can perform to level up your foraging skill. Levels 1-4 earn you essential cooking and crafting recipes. But in levels 5 and 10, you need to make a professional and specialization decision, respectively.  

Choosing between the Foraging mini-game’s professional options can prove a challenge. This article looks at the two foraging professions, their respective specializations, and factors that might influence your decision. 

Should I Become Botanist or Tracker in Stardew Valley?  

These two Foraging professions have different approaches or areas of focus. The Forester profession and level 10 specializations focus on trees. And the Gatherer profession with its associated specializations are specifically focused on foraging in the wilderness. 

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Whether to become a Botanist or Tracker is a decision you will make at level 10. This means you had made a professional decision in level 5, and you chose a Gatherer profession over the Forester profession. 

Let’s look at the rewards these two professions offer and why you went for the gatherer profession in the first place.

Stardew Valley Forester Profession 

You will make this decision after reaching level 5 in your Foraging mini-game. The Forester profession increases the wood price by 50% so you can accumulate resources for the late game selling wood products. 

Apart from selling wood products, you can use them to construct structures on your farm. Therefore, if you want to construct many structures on your farm, the forester profession will suit you.

Let’s look at the specialization options for this profession. 

Stardew Valley Forester Specializations 

If you work hard at it, you see yourself advancing to level 10 within 3 weeks. Gathering fruits and vegetables in the wild and chopping down trees will help you achieve that. At level 10, you will choose between Lumberjack and Tapper specializations. They are two distinct paths with different rewards. 

Lumberjack Specialization 

Trees in Stardew valley produce different products, but wood and Marple syrup are what you will focus on as a Lumberjack. You’ll have the option of selecting the Lumberjack specialization when you reach level 10. If you select this option, your regular trees will occasionally drop hardwood. 

This saves you the burden of visiting the Secret Woods every morning to farm Hardwood. 

The Lumberjack option will be valuable for crafting things for the early game.

But this option might not suit players who have unlocked Ginger Island, which has hardwood-producing Mahoganies.

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Tapper Specialization 

If you select the Tapper specialization in level 10, your Syrup sale price will increase by 25%. This includes all the different Syrups in the game, such as Oak Resin, Maple Syrup, and Pine Tar. The price increase is significant but you may have fewer bulk purchases as a result. Worse still, you will need a lot of ingredients to extract the sweet syrup from the Maple trees.

Stardew Valley Gatherer Profession

The Gatherer profession is our profession of interest because it is the one that gives access to our specialization options. To unlock the Gatherer profession, you will have to reach level 5 in your Foraging mini-game. If you choose this profession, you have the opportunity to double harvest items you forage. In fact, your chances of obtaining a double harvest increase by 20%. A gatherer will get a double portion of forgeable items once in every 5 foraging episodes. 

Stardew Valley Gatherer Specializations 

The Gatherer profession has two distinct specializations in level 10. These are Botanist and Trapper. These are focused on forgeable items that can be found in different parts of Stardew Valley.  

Let’s examine these two specializations closely.


If you choose the Botanist specialization at level 10, your foraged items will always be the highest quality. This quality is indicated in four categories. They are regular, silver, gold, and iridium. A Botanist will always get Iridium quality goods. Apart from higher prices when sold, high-quality goods provide greater energy and health benefits when consumed. 

However, this is not always the case. For instance, if the mushrooms aren’t picked up from the ground a Botanist cannot assign iridium quality to them. This also relates to items gathered by digging them up with a hoe. Examples would be Winter Root and Snow Yam.

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You have the chance to choose the Tracker specialization in level 10. The Tracker specialization is perhaps more interesting than it is useful. As a Tracker, the location of forgeable items will be displayed to you through little arrows at the edges of the screen. This includes even the forgeable items that are inaccessible. 

However, it should be noted that you won’t see the locations of berry bushes as a tracker. Also, you may find the arrows tiny if you are using your PC.


Making a specialization decision is relatively easy because the professional path is already determined. That is to say, in level 5, you had decided to go for the Gatherer profession instead of the Forester. And you stuck with it until level 10. At level 10, you simply need to choose a specialization option that ensures that you optimize resources for the late game.

Botanist makes economic sense for me because you can always be sure that foraged items will always be of Iridium quality. The double harvest as Gatherer in level 5 is a perfect choice. Therefore, Gatherer/Botanist is the best choice for accumulating resources for the early and late game.

If Gathering is not your thing or you don’t want to get down to serious work, Tracker will be ideal. No matter the profession you choose to follow, it’s most important that you enjoy the game.

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